Just getting started…a lot on my mind tonight

Drama free day

Good evening sha!

Hope this finds you doing well.  It’s been a long day, glad to be home relaxing with my wonderful husband.  This is my very first post to my blog & I’m not exactly sure where this is going to take me.

I have a lot on my mind tonight.  It is so hard seeing my dad declining in health.  I know the sad truth of reality is setting in and my mom will not be able to care for him alone.  My dad has always been a strong willed Cajun man and I respect him for that.  Daddy has always been a tough old bird teaching us to respect our elders, to work hard and give everything that you have.  When the going gets tough; YOU GET TOUGHER!  With Daddy there was no excuse for not getting the job done.  He instilled values in my brother and me with toughness yet, gentleness.  Kinda like the song “Daddy’s Hands”  Soft & kind when you’ve been crying, hard as steel when you’ve done wrong.  I tell you I thank my Daddy, my mom and my Grandmother for raising us up right.  My brother and I may not be labeled as “Successful” in some people’s eyes.  But, I tell you what we are very thankful to be who we are and have what we have.  We were taught to turn to God and to each other in time of need.  Thank God neither of us ever turned to drugs or alcohol, which is so very easily accessible & I pray and thank God everyday for the values instilled in us.  Huh, we KNEW that if we did drugs, Daddy would tear us up!  I tell you what I am so GRATEFUL for this!  We need more Daddy’s like this in my book!

Well, enough about that for now.  Tune in tomorrow to see what’s in store.  Ya’ll have a blessed night!


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