Wishing I could put time in a bottle keeping them from the dangers that we face

Tonight I am feeling fulfilled yet heartbroken, watching all the children as they grow into young adults.

I am wishing I could put time in a bottle and keep all of them locked away from the dangers of this world and keep them hidden away to enjoy each precious moment with them.

Don’t get me wrong I am soooo proud of them that I am bursting but, I sit here sighing as I know the heartaches and the pains that each of them will face.  They are all so special to me in one way or another, I have precious memories tucked inside of my heart and when I think of them it brings a ray of sunshine into my day.

I look back at all of the struggles that we have faced and how God has brought us through them.  All the worries, the sleepless nights, the anger, the tears, the fears, the hurt and the pain.  Each second of it was well worth it and I would do it all over again.  The joy in the end was well worth the pain.  The circle of life…..

Soon they will all be off with families of their own, having babies to care for and running their own lives….too busy for family time.  Precious family time.  We take time for granted, never stopping to smell the roses so to speak.  In this case the roses being loved ones…mothers, sisters, brothers and so on.  But, even though tomorrow is never promised, the clock never stops, time goes on and we adjust to our ever changing circumstances as things and people that we know and love seem to come and go.

It seems that I am now taking time to stop and smell the roses….the sweet, fragrant memories of the children as they grow.  I remember the laughter, the tears, the newborn cries, the first steps, the first tooth, the potty training, fixing the boo boo’s, holding their hands at their bedside & playing nurse, feeding them foods for the first time, the hugs, the kisses, the games of hide & seek….and I catch myself off daydreaming and going back to those fragrant memories making me wish that I could put time in a bottle.

This blog is dedicated to my Godchildren, my nieces & nephews.  Nanny loves you all so very much!  God bless you, don’t forget to stop and smell the roses sometime.


2 thoughts on “Wishing I could put time in a bottle keeping them from the dangers that we face”

  1. Wow, this is so hard to swallow. I wrote this post and only 18 days later one of my precious nieces was called home after being in a serious car accident. Ya’ll please pray for our family.


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