We will not be silenced; The fight for Christian values in the Schools

My Grandmother Ida was a very special woman and a very strong, faithful woman of God.  She actually started a church down the street from us.  Some of my best memories are just walking to church on Sunday’s with her.  At times we had no Pastor so Grandma Ida would lead us in song and pass a message, the word of God to us.  That was some simple times in life, things have gotten so complicated as of late.  At least we have let them get complicated, right?  The word of God is simple, God loves us, he loves each one of us.  He died for us, he paid our debts by dying on the cross at Calvary.  Now I don’t know what you think but, I think, if that’s not love, what is?  I thank God everyday for putting my grandmother in my life, she taught me to be strong in my faith and to stand up for what I believe in.  I believe in God, I believe in the love & compassion, mercy and grace of God for there have been so many times that without that love I would not have been able to stand.  God has given me strength when I had none.  He has comforted me in the most hurtful and troubling times in my life.  I am forever grateful for the love of my grandmother and most of all the love of my God, the Father, the Almighty, The maker of Heaven and earth.

Recently we had an incident in our community where a student at a high school got offended because a Veteran, who is also a Minister, opened a Veteran’s Day ceremony with a prayer, at the school.  This student filed a complaint with a Humanist Group and they proceeded to threaten the school with a law suit, in turn uniting our ENTIRE COMMUNITY to stand up for our rights to pray.

We held a candlelight vigil on the school grounds, which is public property, and had hundreds turn out in support.  We also had prayer going on throughout the Country by many more Americans.  I have seen before where God has taken a negative situation and turned it around for the positive and that is exactly what was done here.  God gave us the strength and the drive to stand up for our rights to pray and for our beliefs.  This country was founded on Christian Values and by God, by Christian Values we will remain!  We will not be silenced!

As for me, I love this child and my prayer is that this child will one day find the love that Jesus has for her.  He or she was a very special instrument in getting this event going, and you know they say everything happens for a reason.  Maybe seeing how we all united to stand for what we believe in will give them a clearer vision to want better in their life.  I pray for this student’s family as well that they may come to know Jesus and one day stand with us to proclaim the word of God.

“For God so loved the world that he sent his only begotten son, that whosoever believeth in him shall not perish but have everlasting life.  John 3:16 King James Version

Dedicated to the lost souls of the world


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