You give me strength through the joy, the pain and the sorrow

In one week we will celebrate our first wedding anniversary and I’ve been thinking,  ehhh it’s just gonna be another day but, tonight I sit here thinking of all the ups, downs and in betweens that we have been through over the past few years.  We have faced new life being brought into the world, lives being taken from us, the joys, the sorrows, the hurt, the pain and the joy in the mourning so to speak.

It was no accident, that we met, we literally lived across the country from each other.  Doug is from Washington state and I am from Louisiana.  He came here to start a new career, little did he know that God had so much more waiting for him. When we met, we became friends and as time went on and things changed in our lives we saw something in each other and God knew we needed each other that we were perfect for each other.  In the beginning, I was very weak as I had gone through a very tough time in my life and Doug gave me strength.  When I am weak, Doug is strong, when Doug is weak, I am strong and then God gives us his graces and strength every day to help us get by.

As the Pastor put it when he married us, he was looking around at all of the decorations and the hard work that was put into the ceremony; he says you know folks the hard work is just beginning, the hard work is going to be working together, sacrificing your needs for the sake of each other and he was right.  There have been some very hard days.  Days where we just want to strangle each other but, one look, one thought, one split second and we’re like “I love you!” We could not imagine what our lives would be like without the other, can’t imagine how we would ever make it without the other.  We are husband & wife, we are partners, we are best friends, we are brothers & sisters in Christ and we are united in matrimony and God says “What I have put together no man can put asunder!” & I believe we have a mighty God!

We are total opposites in so many ways but, we compliment each other well.  We have both worked so hard to make it to where we are and we will continue to work for the rest of our lives. I am so glad that God saw fit to bless me with this man.

I also want to thank everyone who ever prayed for us, my mom for encouraging our relationship and being there when the times were tough.  She also gave me strength when I was weak.

All my love & blessing to everyone who reads this.


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