The budding musician….A young man taken much too soon

It was an ordinary day, just getting to work and I’m doing my usual morning posts online and I start seeing these posts “Pray for our family” all over my page and I’m like okay, why??? What happened now….I start frantically going through my friends posts and then I see that my cousin and dear friend had lost her grandson at a very young age and very suddenly.  I cried with heartache, knowing the pain they must feel.  I sat there in disbelief for what seemed like hours, praying for strength, praying for my family, praying for this young angel’s mom, dad and brother.  As the days came and went before the service, I was numb and tried to understand why he was taken so soon, so sudden, so young…..

This young man was a budding musician, he was in band at the local school and I could not believe the impact that he had on his classmates.  It hurt so bad seeing all of these children hurting so bad as they had to say goodbye to their friend, their classmate, their brother.  As I stood there reading the notes that were left for him on the mural that they created, I was amazed at the love that they felt for him, they admired him, they trusted him and they depended on him.  He was such a blessing to each of them in one way or another.  It was said that the family asked the school if one section of the band could play at the funeral service and they said “NO, the whole band will play in his honor”.  That was absolutely amazing…

There were times of laughter, sharing the memories of this young man and there were moments of such despair that I would go weak and barely be able to breathe….the moment that I will cherish the most through all of this was when his Grandmother hears a name in the crowd and starts searching for this young man and she says to him  “You were very important to Dylan, he spoke highly of you all the time” I could see the emotions exchanged in their eyes and I could also see the peace that this one statement gave to this young man and I could see the strength and peace that it gave to his grandmother.

We have lost so many young family members suddenly and tragically, all I ask is that you love those close to you with all your heart, don’t take them for granted, hug them tight for you will never know when it will be your last…..

RIP Sweet Angel

Pray for our family….


Crystal Hoksbergen


2 thoughts on “The budding musician….A young man taken much too soon”

  1. Thank you Crystal for your kind words and sympathy.My grandson always did always have this glow about him.He loved people.Especially those who he was close to.He had a heart of gold when someone needed him.He listened to people with problems without judging them.That one little guy i seen walk up to Dylan’s coffin seemed to be having an extra hard time dealing with Dylan’s passing.then i heard what his name was and Dylan spoke of him often even though he spoke of hundreds im sure but this guy he was worried about.So i said a few words of what he meant to Dylan and hoping to make him feel a little better..God Bless you sweetheart you know who you are.I’m hurting and can’t seem to find comfort right now as his mom,dad,brother and more family and friends or maybe they did .I sooo want him back but i know its not possible and theres no medicine to cure this…I wake up and first thing i think about is another day without Dylan..I go to his picture and touch his face and cry.I still ask why him.


  2. I know it is going to take a long time to be able to grasp the loss, we will probably never understand why he was taken, nor do we want to. We are trained to love our family and hold them near and dear to our heart. When they move on to the next stage in life and leave us behind sometimes we want them back so bad that it consumes us. I know I suffered severe emotional distress when losing my first baby, went through bouts of depression and got to the point I wanted to end my life because the pain was so overwhelming. I will continue praying for ya’ll, for strength, for comfort, for peace, the peace that only God can give. I love you all more than words can say….


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