In Defense of Barbie

Great job Jo! So true, we were never allowed to dress all skanky and I tell you what I am glad that our parents took the time to raise us.

To read my sister’s blog “In defense of Barbie” click the link above…..

The Life and Times of a Modern Day Belle

Leave Barbie alone. Seriously. It is not her fault your kids are growing up thinking they are ugly or fat or stupid.
Barbie is an inanimate object. A doll. She is a toy and is no more to blame for your child’s issues than your son’s Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle action figure is.
Barbie does not sit around your daughter’s bedroom at night whispering into her ear all the things your daughter should not like about herself. She is not responsible for the things you blame on her. She does not prance about on television or in movies in scanty, skanky outfits. She does not tell your precious princesses they cannot be anything they want to be. No, the media icons your children adore do that.
Barbie is a doctor, a secretary, a lawyer, a teacher and a chef. She has several town houses, many cars and multiple closets worth…

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