The memory of the fallen soldiers

Memorial day is such an emotional day for so many Americans.  For the families that have to carry on without their Soldier, their strength, their rock it is hard for them to outwardly show their emotions because they know that their Soldier paid a price for their freedom and he or she would want them to hold their head up high and be proud of them for defending our country and our right to be free.  Inwardly they must be dying, asking why did their soldier have to pay that price for their freedom.  That is a question that will probably never be answered and will haunt them for many years to come.

Many of our fallen soldiers have left behind moms at home with little ones to tend.  I know that these moms will do everything in their power to let the little ones know that Daddy loved them and he wanted to protect them from whatever harm could come to them.  That Daddy believed in this country and fought to defend it, ultimately giving his life for their freedom.  These little ones will have a strong respect for the military and may not quite understand it at first but, in due time they will.  They can feel their Daddy’s love shining down on them, giving them strength to carry on.  These little ones will also give comfort to their Mom when they see that she is down for they hear her crying in the silence.  They will pull together and become a stronger family unit, drawing strength from each other in their time of sorrow.

The fellow soldiers of the fallen carry a different kind of grief, they carry the weight of asking why them and not me? They carry the guilt of coming home when so many did not, they carry the responsibility of the fallen soldiers families.  They look out for them, they pray for them, their heart aches for them.  For they also know that the fallen soldiers paid the ultimate price for their freedom.  They clutch to the fallen soldier’s memory knowing that it could have been them that did not make it home, it could have been their families to face such loss.

The military is a brotherhood, no matter what branch you served in, if you served you are respected as a fellow serviceman.  Each branch has it’s own nickname and they may tease the other branches but, underneath all that lies the deepest respect for each other.

My prayer for the fallen soldier’s family is that God would touch each of you, guide you and give you strength and comfort in your sorrow.  I pray that you would be protected from any harm that would try to come against you and that you would somehow be able to carry on the memory of your fallen soldier proudly knowing that they are looking down upon you from above giving you strength as each day passes.


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