Prayer blankets; How do I know that the power of prayer works?

My mom had mentioned to me one day that she wanted a shawl.  My mom loves crocheted or knitted wear.  I love to crochet so I said, sure I’ll make you one.  So off to the doctor we went one day and I said “Ma, I don’t have a clue how to make a shawl, I need a book.” So after we saw the doctor we stopped to see one of my Mom’s best friends, she had cancer and was at the hospital for treatment.   We went on a trek to find a book on how to make  shawls and the only one I found was a Prayer Shawl book.   I thought Oh, that’s nice.  Well we bought the book and of course some yarn to make my mom a shawl.  I was not working at the time, we were taking care of my grandmother at her home.  That gave me plenty of opportunity to crochet.

The very first thing that I made out of that book was a prayer blanket for my mom’s friend.  With every stitch that I made I prayed, I prayed for strength, for healing, for guidance and deliverance from this horrible disease.  I worked on her blanket tirelessly because she was not doing well and I knew that time was of the essence.  I made her blanket with bright colors so that it would liven the room and hopefully give her hope.  Once I had it done I remember going to bring it to her and I will never forget the look on her face, she loved it!  I knew she would though.  She was also a woman of faith and her family had been praying for her as well.  Well it’s been a number of years now and she has beat cancer and is doing well.  That my friends is the power of prayer and the power of a positive attitude.

My dear friend and neighbor; I had received word that she too had cancer and was not doing well.  I started on her blanket, praying for her during each stitch.  I made hers with shades of green, the green was for faith and healing.  There are prayers in the book that you can say while you are crocheting or knitting along with the color guide.  I always tried to choose colors to suit the person and the situation.  So, once I finished her blanket I had a feeling that I needed to anoint her but, it had to be a certain time.  I can’t explain it….   So, one day I came across some jewelry that I had been looking for and we received a check in the mail and I thought…wow, this is a good day!  Off to her house I went, I asked her if she was opposed to being anointed and she said “No, not at all.”   I prayed for her and I anointed her, then I presented her with her prayer blanket.  It has been a few years and she is still alive and doing well.  That again my friend, is the power of prayer.

My Granny up north; I received word that she too had cancer, she was up in age and had battled cancer before.  I got busy crocheting and praying with every stitch.  Once I got her shawl finished I called her and used the shawl as a point of contact with her and I prayed for her and claimed a freedom from this cancer.  She felt better for a bit.  I mailed her the shawl and she absolutely loved it.  I kept in contact with her and she once told me that sometimes she would get a chill and she would wrap up with that shawl and did not have to turn her heater on right away.  That warmed my heart.  This story does not end so well, my Granny did not make it.  As I stated she was up in age, she was tired.  I’m not discounting the power of prayer, she was just ready to go home.  I’m glad that I was able to give her some comfort with the shawl that I made her.

My Lil cousin; As a baby my lil cousin was always very sick, he was in and out of the hospital with pneumonia several times by the time he was 6 months old.  He was allergic to everything under the sun.  My aunt and uncle would feed him peanut butter and crackers in the morning and he loved it.  Little did they know that he was allergic….  The local doctors did not want to do allergy testing until he was 2 years old but, had they waited he would have died.  His parents had him transferred to a bigger hospital and they did the allergy test and was able to start immediate treatment.  He was on so many meds, could not have hardly anything–no dairy, no nuts, no peanut butter and he loved many of these things.  But, they had to put him on a special diet, his little life depended upon it.  So, I made him a prayer blanket of course.  Well, I presented it to him and one to his dad at my Grandmother’s funeral.  I thought it quite fitting as my grandmother was a very strong woman of faith.  He was kind of scared at first when I told him that I wanted to pray for him & anoint him.  His Dad laughed and said come on son, it’s ok, she’s not going to hurt you.  So we went into my Grandmother’s old Sunday School classroom and we prayed and I anointed both of them and presented their blankets to them.  They loved the blankets and guess what….My lil cousin is doing sooooo much better, he has been able to reduce some of his meds and he has been able to start eating some of the things that he has been allergic to.  I can’t help but think that my Grandmother had a small part in this miracle, I know that she made her request for his healing known to God, especially since she was up there with him.

My nephew; Right after my husband and I got married we got word that our nephew had leukemia.  He was very young and I know this was very hard on him, his parents and his siblings.  I immediately started a prayer blanket for him, unfortunately I was not able to get it to him before he passed away.  I was however able to send it to his mother for comfort.  I pray that this blanket will somehow comfort her as she grieves her son, knowing that it was made with love and prayers for him.

So you ask me, how do I know the power of prayer works, I’ve seen it first hand.  I’ve seen people so sick that the only way that they will come through is the power of prayer, the hand of God so to speak.  I’ve thoroughly enjoyed making these blankets and I wish I had time to make more.  I can’t explain the feeling of peace that I get when I crochet and pray for a loved one or even a stranger.  God has given me a talent, a creative talent and I am so glad that I’ve been able to use it to touch others.  No, I’m not saying that everyone that I’ve made a blanket for or prayed for is healed.  I think in part it has to do with their faith, their own attitude and of course God’s will.  I don’t take credit for any healings or miracles, that is purely and simply God.  I thank him for using me to touch people and I praise him and only him for the works that are done.



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