The question is “How bad do you want that dream?”

I’ve been in a home based business for quite some time now and it’s not been doing a whole lot or should I say “I’m not doing a whole lot with it.”  So tonight I was asked the question again “How bad do you want that dream?”  I sat back and thought about it a while.  Here are a few reasons that I had decided to take a chance with this business.

Reason # 1 

I wanted to take this opportunity is because of my Dad’s failing health.  He has his good and bad days.  But, I’ve figured that before it’s over with my Mom is going to be needing a lot of help.

Reason # 2

I want to be FREE!  Debt free, job free and if I wanted to go somewhere I could go FREE!!!

Reason # 3

Customer Service –I’ve been in business before and it’s hard work, can be very satisfying but, hard work.  I also want the freedom to take care of MY customers the way that I want to take care of them.  If I want to give them a discount , a sample, a hug or say God Bless You I can!  So many companies are so full of politics and procedures that the customer sometimes gets left out!  I saw this when I worked at a local grocery store.  In the beginning the customer came first–if a customer wanted something you get it.  Later it turned to “Don’t order any special requests until you get the item approved and it is put in the system.”  Politics and procedures.

Reason # 4

This reason kind of just came about recently–I want to be able to help our daughters if they need help.  If we need to take off to rescue either one of them, I want to be able to say “Hey we’re getting on a plane today!”  Even though I’ve only known the girls for about 7 years, they are so precious to me.  When their Dad and I married, I promised them that I would be there for them, love them as my own and I will do anything to protect them and their families!   We have a grandson that I want to be able to go see, more than once every few years.  I want to be a part of his life.  I want to hold him, read him stories, play hide and seek with him and spoil him rotten!

So the answer to the question “How bad do you want that dream?”  is I REALLY WANT THIS DREAM!  One thing that my Grandmother always told us was “Ain’t nothing don’t try but a failure”  Words of wisdom.  So off I go setting my goals, making my plans and reaching out for this DREAM!

Wish me luck!


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