Gender Identity Curriculum”>

Gender Identity Curriculum is a very contraversial topic to say the least.  I understand that the way of the world is changing but, this to me is horrifying!! Our children need to be protected from all of the “grown up” topics as long as possible.  They need to be kids as long as they can.  I feel that bringing in sexual orientation too early takes away from their childhood.  Call me old school if you like but, I have a right to voice my opinion as well.

In this video they talk about teaching fourth graders about incest….why do these children need to know about incest.  Yes I think they should be protected from incest but, taught about it…no! It scares me that this curriculum will not protect our children but instead open them up for more opportunity to be violated.

In my opinion, yes everyone has their right to sexual orientation but, I don’t agree with it being PUSHED on our kids! I think our kids should be taught to have good morals and not hate or judge gays, lesbians or any other person.  It is not our place to judge, that is God’s job.  Truthfully, I would not want that job!  I am not perfect or without sin & I’m sure when God asks me about my life I will have a lot to answer for.

My biggest concern is protecting the children and not exploiting them at a very young age.  There is enough exploitation in the world don’t you think.

In closing, I plead with you pray for our children, pray for our teachers and other educators. Pray that God will again be allowed in our school systems.


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