And I say “Devil leave my husband alone!”

It’s been kinda rough the last few months and I failed to realize that I was assisting the Devil in attacking my husband.  Well no more!! We had a really bad fight a few nights ago and our Pastor came to talk to us, God bless him for working so hard and being there for us.  I honestly don’t know what we would do without him.

Well while the Pastor was here my husband shared some of his struggles and I realized that Satan is using his weaknesses to attack him and I’ve been helping him. So Sunday morning I asked the ladies of the church to pray for my husband, I needed them, I pleaded with them, my husband needs them! We gathered in a circle and prayed, covering my husband in prayer, claiming victory over the enemy!

I have been fervrently praying daily, covering my husband in prayer, rebuking Satan! I have been praising God and thanking him for giving me the keys and the authority over the Enemy! Proclaiming Victory in Jesus,my Savior Forever, he sought me and he bought me with his redeeming blood!!

Satan you wil not prevail! Not now or ever! You have one pissed off and very determined Coonass woman on your hands! Bring it on!

We serve a mighty God!! I refuse to let you win, I refuse to let you torment my husband, I refuse to let you tear apart our marriage! I refuse to let you steal our peace, I refuse to let you be in control! GOD IS IN CONTROL!


In the name of Jesus I claim
1. Freedom of nightmares
2. Freedom from all emotional pain and scarring
3. Peace, joy and happiness
4. A strong and long marriage
5. Calmness in our home–no matter where we reside
6. Deliverence from any & all Demons!
7. Financial blessings
8. Healing for family hurt, for emotional bondage-I loose these bondages and claim freedom from these bondages in the name of Jesus!
9. Strength, clarity, firmness in faith and God’s will for my husband’s life!
10. Healing of annimosity at my workplace and my husband’s workplace;Lord cleanse our workplaces of all evil afoot!


Lord hide my husband from the enemy until his faith once again strengthens and he can stand and fight with me!

Lord tonight I claim total and complete freedom from any and all evil that tries to come against my husband. I claim a peaceful, calm, restful night’s sleep. I speak Boldly against Satan “Flee from my husband, flee from my house, flee from my marriage, flee from my finances, flee from my family, flee from my workplace, flee from my husband’s workplace!! In ths name of Jesus I CALL IT DONE!! For God has given me the authority over the enemy!!

Satan you cannot have what does not belong to you! My husband is a Child of God! God will protect him, God will fight for him, God will hide him from you! Satan you have tried to take control where you have no business, you have tread on thin ice and you will not prevail!!

All my love to my wonderful husband!!


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