The Messiah Baby; An inspiring true story of how God takes care of us

This little angel is my Godchild. I could not love him more. Tears….

To read the story that my sister wrote about when she went into labor for her son, my godchild, click the link above.  Get you some kleenex, you will need it before you are done reading…


The Life and Times of a Modern Day Belle

Twelve years ago, I went to a play called Messiah at a church in a central Louisiana city called Alexandria. I had heard wonderful things about the play. Even Bill Clinton had seen it. It was reputed to be spectacular. I was 8 months pregnant and had a very sore tooth but I had looked forward to this play for so long. This was the last year the play was going to be put on so it was now or never.
The first act of the play brought with it an annoying realization that I was in labor. Why me, I bemoaned silently while squeezing the bejesus out of my husband’s hand with every contraction. I did not want to go lay in a hospital bed all night when I could pass many hours of the early stages of my labor being entertained by what everyone had told me would…

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