What does being a Christian mean to me you ask…

Being a Christian can sometimes be tough because you can’t always do what you want or go where the cool kids go, or so one would think, but, I don’t even want to think about where I would be if I were not a Christian.
You see my Grandmother Ida used to help take care of my sisters, my brother and I when we were growing up and she instilled something in us that is more precious than silver or gold.  She instilled the faith of Jesus Christ in us, the love for one another and the love of Christ.  One of my most favorite sounds in the world to this day is the sound of my Grandmother in the kitchen, cooking and singing hymns.  We read our Bible EVERY night, we said grace and bedtime prayers.  Grandma always said she would never miss church for anyone, and she meant it.
So what does being a Christian mean to me…it means having peace in my life, it means having someone on my side that will never forsake me, it means having the strength to get through tough times in my life.  Do I make sacrifices as a Christian?  Absolutely! Are they worth it? Absolutely!  But, the rewards that I get in return are far better than the sacrifice.  I don’t know how I would ever make it without God in my life.  I have had some points in my life that were so low, I wanted to end my life yet I was still begging God to give me strength to get through.  I have had such loss that the pain was crippling, yet I begged God to give me the strength to make it.  And he did.  Every time I humbled myself and begged for help or guidance I felt closer to God than ever before.
Ther were tims that I could walk away from everything yet I heard God say I am with you, whether in a song or encouraging words from a friend, I heard it loud and clear.  Once when my first husband was in the hospital I called my aunt and asked her to pray with all her might and God says “Why aren’t you praying with all your might”  so my mom and I headed to the chapel and oh my, the words that came out of my mouth….It was nothing but God.  I prayed for things that I never would have known to pray for.  God used the time that my first husband was in ICU to strengthen me and protect me from the horrendous pain of losing him.  God gave me a glimpse of hope, the promise that we will meet again.  That hope has carried me through many a day.
God has now blessed me with another wonderful husband, one who said for a long time that he would never marry or never believe in Jesus Christ.  Well once God got ahold of him and started convicting him, he had no choice but to surrender his life.  It was not an easy road, we still have our struggles but, God gives us the strength to face each day.  We had separated for 2 years before we got married but, neither of us dated anyone else, we remained best friends the entire time.  God had a plan….I always tell him that God knew I needed him and he needed me.
So what does being a Christian mean to me?  It means everything to me, it’s the reason I strive to do good everyday, it’s the reason I am alive, God has saved my life in more ways than one.  It means that Jesus suffered, died and rose again so that I may live…and live I intend to do.
Thank you Lord for your graces upon us, I ask that you continue to keep us in your graces and protect us from the enemy.  Protect us from any evil that would try to get a foothold on us.  Pour out your blessings on us.  Give us strength and courage to get through the times that are upon us Lord for we know that it will not be long before you are calling us all to be with you.  Lord there are so many signs pointing to the end times.  Cover us with your blood, hide us in your pavillion and keep us safe.


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