Pray for your Pastor, especially in times like these

The charge pray for your pastor should not be taken lightly, especially in times like these. We are in the end times and the signs are showing themselves more and more each day. All of the fighting and Christian rights being stripped away….most days one by one….some days you stand and wonder if you are going to look up into the clouds and see Jesus making his return.
Take for instance prayer in schools, children have had the right to pray or bless their food stripped from them. The government’s excuse is that they fear it may offend someone. Well yeah it’s gonna offend someone, God!!! The Ten Commandments had to be removed from the courthouses…why?? Again, the government does not want to offend someone.
Now we are facing issues of immorality more now than ever and pastors, priests and the like are being told in many instances that they cannot approach the subject of Christianity unless the other party brings it up. What happened to SHARE the gospel, spread the word. Go tell it on the mountain…. The people depend on pastors and priests to spread the word but what about the church members?? I believe many church members have become lazy to say the least. I remember as a child we would go on visitation, inviting new people to church, spreading the word. Sometimes visiting members that have not been at church for a while due to illness or just plain life. We would encourage others to come to church, we read our bible, we had respect for others. That is all going down by the wayside.
Our pastors are the lifeblood of our churches, they study for years before going into ministry, they sometimes reject God’s calling on their lives for fear of failure or they don’t feel they are not ready to take on the responsibility. Not only does the pastor have a family of his own, he has the responsibilty of everyone at the church and he does not take that responsibility lightly. They pray without ceasing for their parishoners, they come to visit the sick, sometimes stay with the family long hours. They celebrate life with us by performing weddings, baptisms, christenings or dedications, they also mourn loss with us as they perform funerals for members and loved ones. I believe that when God puts a calling on someone’s life to come into the ministry he has laid out evrrything that is needed. God does not take this decision lightly either….now do I believe that all pastors have “the calling” …no I don’t, the Bible says we have to beware of false prophets. I cannot judge who has a call on his life and who does not….but, I can see the charecter of a pastor’s life by the way he demonstrates his love for others and his love for Christ. His actions speak louder than words.
So I charge you, pray for your pastor, pray for your deacons and other leaders in the church. Satan will use any means possible to attack our pastors. We ned to cover our pastors with prayer, claim protection over ths pastors and their families.

Now as far as the government not wanting to offend someone…
They forget that God is the reason we are here, the reaon we live and breathe, God created us, each and every one of us. And they don’t want to offend anyone… they not realize that they are offending our Creator? Do they even care?

Question is, do you care? Do you care that Christian beliefs are falling by tbe wayside? And what do you plan to do about it? Are you ready to take a stand for what is right? Are you ready to stand and fight alongside your pastor? If you are pray for your pastor, pray without ceasing, cover your pastor in prayer claiming protection.


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