Such senseless and tragic loss “Way to close to home”

It was an ordinary day, we were doing ordinary everyday things…..Until all of a sudden our little world was completely shattered. I was sitting visiting with my Aunt Nita who is down visiting & I was showing her a picture on facebook that my pastor had taken last Sunday out in the church parking lot….It showed how God’s hand of protection was upon the people at the church when a truck came flying over the ditch landing in the church yard. The only thing that stopped that truck was the hand of God…it hit some concrete railroad ties in ths middle of the yard and came to a complete stop. No one was injured, not even a scratch. I was not there so I thanked God time & time again for being there and protecting my family……Testimony #1

This is where it hit home….
Then all of a sudden I see a facebook post about a shooting in Lafayette, La….I darted to the phone to call my Godchild to be sure her & the children were alright. I gasped when I heard her voice, thanking God yet again for protecting my family. This shooting took place a few blocks from her house. My heart is so heavy for the victims and their families. I can’t even begin to imagine the pain they must be feeling. I’ve been praying for the first responders, the police officers, the staff & anyone else that was therecduring the aftermath of this tradgedy. I pray for God’s mercy & grace that he shield them from the horrendous pain of seeing such senseless & tragic loss. I pray for their emotional state of mind to stay clear & focused as they investigate & process the crime scene.
I pray for God’s guidance, peace & strength for all the victims and their families….especially the families of the ones so tragically & suddenly taken. I shutter to think “my babies could have been at that theatre, they could have been injured, they could have been taken….in a split second life can change….it can change tragically & completely for we are never promised our next breath, much less tomorrow. I leave you with this….

Pray without ceasing, stop & smell the fragrant memories that you’ve made with your loved ones. Hug them tight, say I love you every chance you get. Make even more memories to give you strength to get you through the tough times….Don’t sweat ths small stuff. Hold on to the good stuff, let go of the negative things in your life. Find peace, find happiness & if you don’t know Jesus find him. For Jesus is the truth, the way & the life.

Praying for peace……


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