Have you heard of The Angel’s Hoop; A diver’s viewpoint

So tonight at dinner my husband was telling me about a conversation he had today with some young divers.  They came to the yard for some equipment for a job and ended up learning an invaluable lesson.  A lesson that my husband had to learn the hard way….
So they were talking about the changes that have come about over the years like for instance, my husband used to jump off the boat into the water and now the diver has to be lowered into the water in a steel cage at a slow & steady rate.  The guys were astonished to hear this, they were in a sense jealous….my husband was eating up the attention.  They were like Dude, you jumped off the boat into the water…. He said yeah, it was great with a big cheezy grin.  Meanwhile, his boss/co-worker/pastor (one person) was standing there in awe of the situation, as he knows how far my husband has come.
One of the younger divers was telling my husband about how he got fouled up & lost his way in the water and had to go through major decompression.  My husband asked him if he went through the door on the cage when he was in the water.  The young diver says yes, I did.  Why?  My husband proceeded to explain to him that he should usd the Angel’s Hoop.  The young diver said, the what?? You see there’s a hoop at the back of the cage, you go through it and it helps keep your dive hose from getting fouled up in the lines & cables above the cage.  It also gives you the ability to follow your dive hose back to the cage as the dive hose feeds through the Angel’s Hoop.  The young divers were astonished to learn this invaluable piece of information.  They said, they don’t teach you that in dive school.  My husband says The Angel’s Hoop is God’s way of placing angel’s and a hedge of protection around the diver, it is the guiding light to bring the diver back to safety. The young divers were like no man, that’s not for real.  & my husband has experienced this very thing, so he knows this to be very true & very real.
My husband proceeded to tell them about his experience the last time he was in the water….It was July 3, 2010, my husband had not been in the water in quite some time and he was sent in to retrieve a beacon, he started getting fuzzy in the head so he asked to be put on mixed gas..well the guy running the rack would not put him on gas.  As a result my husband got narked out..nitrogen poisoning…he does not remember how he got out of the water.  The hand of God was upon my husband, the angels led him back to safety.  He did not go through decompression & he had no adverse reaction.  He should have died in the water that day, he broke every law of physics and hs survived.  He survived to become a Christian, a man of God.   God has a plan for him, a purpose for his life.
I always prayed for the safety of my husband and God sure answered my prayers that day.   You see my husband was a non-believer at that time.  He had been through alot in his past and it was very hard for him to trust God.  This event played a very instrumental part in my husband’s life changing & opening up to the Christian life.  This conversation tonight made my day….so glad when I hear my husband so happy.

Thank you Lord for blessing me with such a wonderful husband.  Thank you for keeping your hand of protection on my husband, for guiding his steps and bringing him across the United States to meet me and ultimately meet you Lord.


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