Are you ready to stand and fight for what is right?

You know I always heard my grandmother talking about standing up for what is right.  She always had a sense of pride about her, we respected her and looked up to her.  It makes me think of that song–You have to stand for something or you’ll fall for anything.  Grandma always tok us to church, taught us to read our Bible, taught us to love each other.
My Grandmother did not have much of an education, she only went to the first grade in school.  But, what she had you cannot learn from a book.  She had good morals, she had pride, she had such a genuine loving heart.  When we were kids the church would be packed for VBS. I remember going and helping my grandma teach.  How she handled us all I’ll never know.  🙂  God’s grace was upon her & the other teachers that’s for sure.
So the title of this post is “Are you ready to fight?” I bet you are wondering what my grandma has to do with this?  Well let me tell you… see we need to stand & fight for what is right, for Christianity.  God said that one day we’d have to stand & fight.  We struggle daily with certain things but, we have gotten LAZY! We are supposed to spread the word of God, proclaim the Good news!  What we do instead is sit on our butts & let the liberals have their way.  We are scared to offend someone, meanwhile God is shaking his head in disbelief at what is going on in this world.  You have such immortalitity, hatred, murder, brothers hating brothers & so on.  You have children growing up in a world with no hope. They are being raised in single parent homes and that parent has to work so hard to make ends meet, they are barely there to “raise” the children.  The children end up getting involved with the wrong crowd long before the parent realizes there is a problem.    This is not God’s way.  God’s way is love, peace & harmony.  God’s way is loving one another, helping one another.
So many changes in our society have been “accepted” by the people but, do they please God? Well, do they?  NO!!! These changes are far from pleasing to God.  Do you think God likes seeing such suffering, such malcontent, such loss?  NO!! Do you think God is happy with “the people”saying it’s ok to abort an unborn child, a gift that he so chose to bless the mother with & she feels that it is her right to decide his/her fate?   ABSOLUTELY NOT!!  Do you think God is ok with “the people” legalizing gay marriage.  God created a man & woman to be wed & to be fruitful & multipy.  Now, don’t get me wrong, I have several gay friends  & I love them, besides I have my own sins to answer for.
Now I ask, are you ready to fight?  We are getting closer & closer to the end times.  We need to stand & fight for what is right, for what is moral, for what is in the best interest of Christianity.  God is going to get fed up with the actions of his people & he will come back for us.But, he will not come back peaceably like he came 2000 years ago.  He will come back as a Lion, with a vengeance seeking to destroy any & all evil.  Look at what happened when God had enough in Egypt…he took everything away from them.  He stripped them of their livelyhood, their resources, he sent plagues on the people.  What happened with Sodom & Gomorrah…he sent the angels to destroy the city.  He would have saved it if the angels found 10 good men.. They did not, the only ones saved were Lott & his family but, his wife looked back and she was turned into a pillar of salt.  Do you think God is going to stand for much more?  I don’t….I am ready to stand & fight.  I am ready, I know God will be standing right beside me, fighting along with me.  I know that God will have a band of angels surrounding me, protecting me.  My question is are you ready to fight for what is right, to make God proud.  Are you proud to be a CHRISTIAN?  I know I am…..


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