This one is titled, We loved her first

When I met this man I call husband it was hard for him to comprehend a loving relationship to an extent.  He had been through so much turmiol in his past relationships.  He had walls put up, he was betrayed and had lost trust in women.  He swore he’d never marry and with loving care kindness and LOTS of prayer we are now happily married.  Now we are about to celebrate our oldest daughter’s wedding.  So let’s rewind a little bit….
When my husband and I first started dating he did not tell the girls about me right away, if he was on the phone with them he’d make motions telling me to be quiet.  It bothered me a bit, I felt like he was hiding me from them because he was ashamed of me at times and at other times I KNEW he was protecting his children, his pride & joy, his little girls, from having someone introduced into their lives that he feared would only walk away later.  This man has so much pride when it comes to his children, he would do anything to keep them from harm, as any father would.  So after about a year of us dating he finally felt comfortable telling the girls about me.  I felt such relief, I felt I can breathe.  The girls were reserved at first and I respected that.  I always tried to look at it from their point of view, how would I feel if this was my dad…I did not try to push myself on them.  Oh, but I loved them, I loved them loooong before they ever knew I existed.  Their dad shared stories of things they had done together or places they had gone.  Things they may not even remember.  One lil tidbit.  My husband lit up telling me this story…He went pick the girls up for his weekend and they went to an oriental restaurant, the girls were looking over the menu asking what’s this or what’s that…he was relishing every second of it.  So there was an item called a poopoo platter (probably not the correct spelling) and the girls were like a poopoo platter!! They were fascinated by the name of it.  When the waitress came to take their order the girls asked the waitress did you know there’s a poopoo platter?  She smiled and said yes…She could see how fascinated they were.  And she could see the pride in their Daddy’s face, even though he really did not have the extra money he ordered them the poopoo platter.  When the food came it was an enormous platter, stacked with all kinds of meat.  The girls were just gleaming at the site of it all and their Daddy could not have been more tickled at the site of his children being so happy.
So when the oldest graduated high school I was not able to go to the graduation due to funds being a bit low.  My husband felt bad that I was not able to go.  I was just releived that he was able to be there.  I finally got to meet the girls when the youngest graduated the following year, we had spoken on the phone from time to time but, that’s all.  We were all able to go out on the town together.  We went to the fish market, I think it was called Pikes Peak.  There were all kinds of lil shops selling different things.  I got a really pretty fairy cup, it was dainty and the painting of the fairy was gorgeous.  My husband had a fit over the price but, he bought it for me anyway.  🙂   We went to a really nice restaurant, oh my the view… we were seated outside, all we could see was the river down below.  It was gorgeous and the food was delicious.  My husband told the waiter he wanted one of the glasses and the waiter said he could not have it.  So my husband says well I suggest you look the other way…I want that glass.  They ended up selling us a couple of them.  He has a way about him…  Oh, and we went to the gum wall.  Yes, the gum wall.  It is literally a wall covered in gum.  The girls were fascinated with it.  They took pictures in front of it, only after adding their gum to the wall.  To us it was gross….but, they sure enjoyed themselves.  That made our day, made some really good memories too.  🙂
So eventually you guessed it we got married and I am so very blessed to have these wonderful girls in my life.  The oldest was able to come to our wedding, I wanted her to be a part of the wedding, she carried her son, our grandson, who was just over a month old, down the aisle with her.  That tickled everyone.  Us included…
So a few short months ago my husband received a phone call from a young man asking for his daughter’s hand in marriage.  My husband was ecstatic. He was proud, he was elated and over run with pride & joy. This young woman is now about to be married to a man that loves her, he bends over backwards to make sure she is taken care of. He helps with the baby. God knew her destiny and he made sure their paths would cross at the perfect time.  She had moved cross country to be with another and things did not work out.  Her husband to be was working right there in the same building as her.  I’m not quite sure how they met but, we thank God everyday for him.  God has blessed us with a wonderful gift, the gift of a grandson, the gift of a future son in law and the peace of mind in knowing that our daughter is loved and cared for and protected from harm.  So soon we will be all be meeting to celebrate this union and welcome each of these wonderful young adults into each other’s family tree, to be entwined and bonded with love in the vows of holy matrimony.

We, loved her first, her father, her mother and I.  Now we will give her away but, remember we loved her first.


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