Have you ever heard of the church of the misfits?

So generally it’s like you have to meet certain criteria to be a Christian.  You have to be a stand up kind of citizen, no tatoos and such.  Well where I come from anyone is worthy of being a Christian, no matter their past or appearance.  When Jesus was on the cross, one of the theives beside him said remember me in your kingdom and Jesus said you will be in my kingdom.  You see God wants you just as you are, broken and battered.  Sometimes you have to be broken down and have everything stripped from you to realize what you DO have.  God wants you as you are but, when you come to him, come to him with a sincere heart.  Be open to change, change for the good in your life.
So what about people that have a past with drugs, alcohol, theft, hatred?? God says come as you are, lay it all down on me.  I have seen people in my family walk away from a life of drugs & alcohol and NEVER looked back.  They went to church and were saved and from that moment on were forever changed.  Now that is the true grace of God.  We are not worthy, not one of us are worthy of eternal salvation.  We are ALL sinners saved grace, the grace of God.  The grace that was bought and paid for by the blood of the Lamb, Jesus.  Jesus bore all of our sins, he knew when he was but a child what his Father’s plans were.  He knew that he was sent here to be sacrificed, to be tortured, to be beaten, to be humiliated, to be betrayed by his closest friends.  But, God loved us so much that he sent his only begotten son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish but have everlasting life.  Now I don’t know about you but, I’ve lost my babies and that is a pain that is to a point unbearable.  I could not imagine willingly giving up my child to save a wreched world, a world with people that are ungrateful, that just as soon curse or hit you rather than look at you.  A world full of misfits, that’s right misfits.  But, guess what God loves us, each one of us. So then if we are true Christians we are to love one another, build one another up.  So what happens if you have a person walk into the church with a past, with tatoos? Are you going to judge them?  Are you going to welcome them? Are you going to build them up or are you going to tear them down and push them away?  My prayer is that you would not judge a book by it’s cover and let this person live up to their true potential.  You never know what someone is truly capable of until they are given the opportunity and the support needed to step out on faith and make a go for it…. Christianity is not an easy lifestyle, especially when you are used to a life of sin and strife.  You are used to doing what feels good, whether it’s right or wrong.  When someone comes into Christianity, they come as a babe, they are reborn spiritually.  They have to learn to live a different lifestyle, they have to be weaned from their prior lifestyle.  They will trip up, they will have setbacks.  We as mature Christians are to lead by example, teaching and training the young Christians how to live a Christian life.  We as adult Christians are not perfect either, by no means.  So when I say have you heard of the church of the misfits, I mean all churches. We all have a past, we all have imperfections, we are all to an extent misfits.  But, we are loved by a perfect God. A God that accepts us as we are. We just have to accept him and allow him to work in our lives, trust in him with all our might.  So the next time you are in church and you see someone with a past, welcome them with open arms, love them as Christ loves you.  That is what true Christianity is about.  God’s blessings be upon you.


One thought on “Have you ever heard of the church of the misfits?”

  1. Oh how true this is the message is so true we have the most greatful father of all he says let those without sin cast the first stone we all fall short of the glory of God he is my all I look around and all I see is backstabbing and people in such a hurry all the tim


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