Who gives this woman to be wed? The children say “We do “


We have had the pleasure of meeting a young couple at church recently.  They have been very quiet and reserved, just kind of getting aquainted with everyone.  So they decided to get married with a very simple ceremony last week.  I was so excited when I heard the news, as was their families.  I told the bride that I would make her jewelry and she loved the idea.  It tickles me to be able to do things like this.  So the plans were being made, the marriage license was applied for, the flowers arranged….The groom was so excited, he took care of most of the details while the bride to be sat back and relaxed.  She felt such peace about the decision to be married and she relished the fact that her groom wanted everything just so.  Her Groom to be has recently found some perspective in life, he has decided to follow Jesus.  This decision has transformed their lives, they want to live right by God and they love one another so.  They’ve been together for some time and they have young children.  They want to be Godly examples to their children by walking in Christian faith.  A fairly small crowd gathered at the church to witness this union, they “officially” welcomed each to the other’s family tree.  There was such joy in the church, such peace & happiness.  Simplicity was the biggest part of this union.  It was just a homey celebration.  I got to meet some of the family & realized that I knew some of them already…small world.  It’s time to start the ceremony, the groom and his best man, the oldest son, stand at the front of the church with the pastor.  The groom was filled with so much emotion he could hardly contain it.  He stood there ever so quietly, but very eager to have his bride meet him at the altar.  The bride was stunning, she wore a pink sundress, her hair was down but, pinned back with some rhinestone barrettes and the jewelry was the perfect touch…crystals and pearls adorned her neck and ears.  The bride was escorted to meet the man that she will pledge her love to by her young children.  Who gives this woman to be wed?  The children answer “We do” (priceless)  Now the bride and groom join hands to be united in holy matrimony.  The ceremony was beautiful, the pastor always has to add a lil humor.  He says here’s something for you to remember…if your wife asks you later why you don’t buy roses, tell her; why should I buy you something that is going to die?  My love for you will live forever, the crowd got a kick out of that.  He also got serious, he said husband submit to your wife and wife submit to your husband.  Put each other’s needs above your own, love, honor and respect one another. The bride and groom stood there hands in hands, giving each other the assurance and strength to get through the ceremony, bonding their lives forever.  The pastor also talked about the ring having no seams, it is endless…so sould their love be endless.

I end this blogpost with a prayer for this young couple: Please Lord bless their marriage, bless their home with love & laughter, peace & harmony.  Help them to be the Godly examples that they long to be to their children.  Help them to stand tall & proud in their faith.  Be a guiding light to them and help them to fulfill their life as a Christian.  Lord, put a hedge of protection around them and band of angels to stand watch over them at all times.  Cover them with your love & mercy, embrace them and comfort them when they need you to.  Let them feel your love and ours.


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