Our Family Chain is Broken Once Again

our-family-chain-is-broken-medium-memorial-stone.365       heavens-gate1

So today we had to say goodbye to my Nanny, a very strong and loving woman.  She has been suffering with some medical issues for quite some time and God saw that it was time for her to rest so he called her home to be with him in Heaven or Paradise as she liked to call it.

She was struggling because tomorrow would be the anniversary of the day she lost her baby many years ago.  This has always been a hard month for her as she has to suffer through the memory of the loss.  The loss of a child is an unbearable pain, one that does not leave you for the rest of your life.  It may get easier to get through the days but, certain days of the month or any other memories can bring those painful memories flooding back in just a flash.

It was also the 5 month anniversary to the date that her Dad was called home.  So today was very tough as we stood around my Nanny’s bedside as she was released to be with all her loved ones that have gone on before.

I stood by her bedside praying, praying for her, praying for strength…knowing deep down in my heart that she is overjoyed.  She has not spoken of her little one much as we were growing up but, we knew about him.  Can’t explain it.  We just knew about him.  I envisioned her going up to the pearly gates and her little one is standing there waiting to welcome her in to the kingdom of Heaven.  I can just imagine how happy they were to see each other, I know that her heart is full again.  The separation of a child from a mother is a horrible pain, it leaves an emptiness, a void.  Well Nanny that void is filled, your heart can sing again.

I know that your children and grandchildren are hurting now, I know that they will miss you.  I know that it will take time for them to heal.  But, I know that they were hurting so bad seeing you suffer the way you were.  You were a very strong woman, you put up a fight.  A fight that most would have lost a long time ago.  But, you loved your family and did not want to leave them until you knew they would be ready.

I know the kids will take care of their Daddy, making you proud. You raised some wonderful kids and grandkids.  They are kind, caring and respectful.

So fly high Nanny, soar with the eagles.  Enjoy the peace of the Lord and I know that you will enjoy seeing your loved ones that have gone on before you.  Till we meet again,  I love you always….your Godchild Crystal


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