Our visit to Hampton Beach…It was heavenly

Digital Camera
Our visit to South Beach Seafood on Hampton Beach…..Sept 2015
Digital Camera
The clam chowder hit the spot on a chili day…

Well we planned a trip to New Hampshire for our daughter’s wedding and we got in a few road trips too…One of which was to Hampton Beach….My husband wanted to go to the beach to get seashells for our neice.  She is always picking up shells and rocks around the house.  Sunday morning we packed up and headed off….we were given wind breakers and a few other supplies that we may need during our trip.  We ended up following my husband’s mother and brother and making a day of it with them since we don’t get to see them often.  The day started off well, we hit the road about 10:30 am, the drive was about an hour and a half or so.   The drive went pretty smooth I’d say, my husband always says if it’s over 5 minutes it’s too long, lol.

While we were driving around looking for a place to park I saw this little place…..roast beef sandwiches, seafood and so on.  And my husband was screaming hungry, ready to eat anything that came at him.  Well we finally found a place to park and walked over a couple blocks to the beach front.  My husband, his mother and my brother in law were standing on the corner trying to decide what they were going to do and I KNEW my husband was ready to eat.  So off I headed to find this little place that I saw on the way in.  My husband soon followed…. We were trying to be frugal so we ordered the special which was crab roll with fries for around $11 and we both opted to get the clam chowder.  Great choice by the way….we sat there out front, in the wind and drizzling rain enjoying our lunch.  We enjoyed it so much that we ended up asking the guy at the counter to take our picture and that I’d shout out to him on facebook…I did even better, I did a review on TripAdvisor and Yelp too.  You see I am the Internet Sales Manager at Courtesy Toyota and I know how important the web presence is.

My husband was freezing since the jacket he had was a bit thin.  The owner of South Beach Seafood sent us down to a friend of his who has T-shirts and the like.  We stopped in one spot but, we didn’t see any guys working there so we kept walking and found his shop.  I can’t remember the name but, the people were SUPER friendly and grateful that their friend had sent us there.  That’s a great thing to have these days, a good business relationship with other business owners–they know how hard it is to make it.  My husband picked out a nice “Hampton Beach” design and had it put on the sweatshirt, it was done in a jiffy and it was VERY reasonably priced too.

After we enjoyed our lunch and got my husband a sweatshirt pullover, we mosied on over to the beach looking for shells.  The beach was the cleanest that we have ever seen.  We didn’t find but a few shells and they weren’t exactly sea shells like we wanted.  They were more like rocks, slate rocks.  Kinda cool though.  Once we walked the beach a while we decided to see what else we could find in the shops….we came across “The Silversmith” it’s a small store with a variety of gift items from jewelry to rocks…yes rocks.  & my neice is very into rocks so that’s what we ended up looking at the most.  We got her a couple of rock slices–they are actually slices of rock.  One was blue on the inside and I think the other was a bright pink.  I also got her some bloodstones in several different colors so that I could show her the variations in the colors.  I make jewelry and I’m always looking at different stones.  She really liked them, that made us happy.  My husband was also being a lil sneak, 🙂  He ended up buying me a mother of pearl inlaid cross pendant.  I LOVE it, I’ve been wearing it almost everyday.  Thank you Honey……

We met back up with my mother in law and brother in law while we were in the gift shop.  They enjoyed their tour too, they ended up going walk through the festival grounds and a few of the other shops there on the beach front.

My husband and I don’t get to travel much, so this was a very much needed getaway.  We really enjoyed our day at the beach and getting to spend time alone was kinda nice too….



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