One of my favorite memories; The sound of my Grandmother’s voice


So tonight, I was wondering what am I going to write about and I came across a post on facebook about the “Grandmother’s Apron”  and it inspired me and brought me back to my days of childhood and my dear sweet Grandmother Ida.  I normally try to do my posts without names, I don’t know why, I guess to be a little more intriguing but, I felt tonight that I wanted to honor my grandmother…..

I remember coming in from school and opening the gate, I could hear my Grandma Ida in the kitchen cooking, washing dishes and singing hymns….” Amazing grace, how sweet the sound that saved a wretch like me…… When I would come in she would stop singing and ask how my day was.  She would continue moving throughout the kitchen preparing a meal fit for a king.  Chopping onions, garlic and the like, browning them, adding ground meat and making a gravy to put over mashed potatoes.  All made from scratch, you didn’t find much packaged foods in her kitchen, no sir re, she took pride in cooking for her family.  She had this blue half apron that she wore for years, it seems like that’s the only one I ever remember her wearing.  If it would get a tear, she would stitch it up and go on about her way.  I sit back and think now how happy she was with the little that she had, she was very grateful and had pride like no other.  My dear sweet Grandmother is the best grandmother in the whole world, she set not only a womanly example for us, she set a Godly example for us; always bringing us to church, teaching us to read our bible daily and the like.

That apron helped my Grandmother prepare many a meal for me, my brother, sisters, uncles, aunt and my mom and dad.  She used it as a towel to dry her hands, as a hot pad to move skillets on the stove, to wipe up spills, to wipe our faces and so much more.  I look back and think how can something so simple as an apron hold so many memories, how can something as simple as an apron be such an important part of who someone is, how can something as simple as an apron do so many important things?  I tell you how, because the woman that wore that apron was doing what she absolutely loved, cooking and cleaning and taking care of her family and that simple apron helped her to do it.  That apron made her job just a little bit easier.

I oft remaniss in the fragrant memories of the sound of my grandmother’s voice, I find myself standing at the kitchen window coming in from school and hearing that heavenly sound coming through the air….the sound of my grandmother in the kitchen preparing dinner and singing hymns…..

Granny I know you are up in Heaven watching over us, I hope you know how proud we are to have you for our Grandmother, you were an inspiration to all of us.  Fly high with the angels, all my love, till we meet again!

Crystal Hoksbergen


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