Home cookin’ Southern style fried catfish…it’s more than just a meal

Ahhh….home cooked meal

Yesterday my sweet husband calls me and asked what we were going to do for dinner….I was like “I don’t know” I asked what he had in mind.  He just wanted something different.  Well I stopped and picked up Bingos for dinner and told him that I would fry fish tomorrow.  He said that sounds great.  So Bingos it was and as always it was delicious!  I had the fried fish and 3 shrimp with fried rice and I got him mongolian pork and a couple egg rolls.

So today I worked late, we had some customers that came in late so we all stayed till they were finished with their paperwork.  It made our day, they were very happy with their vehicle.  I tried calling home to tell my Hunnie that I was working late but, it went straight to voicemail.   I called my mom told her just in case she saw him to tell him.  Well once I left work I went to the grocery store for my fish.  I’m all done and on my way home when my phone rings and it was my Hunnie, he says where are you, I’m waiting on my fried fish.  That kinda made me smile.  Knowing that my husband is awaiting a home cooked meal makes my day…. I don’t get to cook near as often as I’d like because I work late but, when I do I like to take my time with it.  And when the people that I’m cooking for enjoy the meal that makes it all worth the work put into the meal.

I got home and went right to preparing my fish, cutting it in chunks and cleaning the edges of it off, making sure there were no bones or anything left.  I poured pickle juice in a bowl, cracked a couple of eggs into it and added some yellow mustard, whisked it up with a fork and threw in my fish.  While that was marinating I poured fish fry in another bowl and added a few spoonfuls of flour and mixed that up.  I took a pack of white beans out of the freezer and thought hmmm…. sweet pea salad would be great with this but, I don’t have any sweet peas.  Off to my mom’s I headed for a can of sweet peas.  My daddy asked what I was cooking and I told him fried fish.  He says, you got fish!  I said I sure do, he wanted some so of course he’d get some.  🙂  Back at home, I put some eggs to boil for the sweet pea salad, poured some oil in my good ole’ iron skillet.  I also had some thin cut pork chops, which I wasn’t sure if I was going to cook or not…decided to cook them too.  I got out another bowl poured in some zesty italian dressing and cracked a couple of eggs into it, mixed it up and put the pork chops to marinate.  Now I’m ready to start cooking….. the oil is hot and the fish is all battered and fish fryed up, ready to go in the pan.  My husband says, you know I just cleaned that stove.  I say well you can’t have a clean stove and fried fish and give him a half smile continuing on with preparing the meal.  Once the first batch of fish was done I taste tested a piece of fish and OMG it was goooood.  I recruited the help of my husband once the eggs were done boiling, he peeled the eggs, put on some rice and put the beans in a pot to be warmed.  My husband was also anxious to taste the fish so he had a couple pieces for taste test.  He said he took the second to be sure it was good, he had to make sure there was nothing wrong with it. By the time all that was done, the fish was finished and I was ready to start the pork chops.  I got another pan, poured oil in it, put it to heat and started passing the pork chops through the bread crumbs and flour mixture that I had prepared.   The pork chops were thin so they did not take long at all, I put them in the pan once the oil was hot enough, flipped them a couple times during cooking and once they were golden brown I put them on a paper towel to drain.  Before we sat down to eat I went to bring my daddy some fish.  My neice was asking, whatcha got Nanny???  I said no, no back up this is for grandpa… when she found out it was fish off the bone she didn’t want it anyway.  lol  Oh, boy daddy was happy though.  He didn’t waste any time eating it either.  That made me happy…. I rushed back home to enjoy the meal that I had worked so hard to prepare with my wonderful husband.  We each got a plate, put some fish, beans and rice, sweet pea salad and a pork chop.  My husband poured him a glass of kool aid, handed me the ketchup and laid us out each a paper towel.  Once we sat down to enjoy our meal we said grace “Thank you Lord for the graces that you have given us to get this meal, thank you for keeping us under your watch, bless the hands that helped to make this meal possible from the fields to the market.  Bless the fisherman that caught the fish.  Amen”   We enjoyed our meal tonight, but we also enjoyed the time spent in the kitchen preparing the meal.  We have spent many days preparing meals together, bonding and enjoying each other’s company.  I love being in the kitchen cooking, preparing a meal for my family and I really miss being able to do it as often as I used to.

Tonight was a good night, no tonight was a great night…..


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