Sunday evening dinner trying something new….Making potato dumplings

Today was a queit, rainy day due to Hurricane Patricia coming in over Texas.  We were getting many of the rain bands causing lots and lots of rain.  My husband and I went to Sunday Morning Service and it was great.  I get a great deal of pleasure from going to church service and hearing the word and the message the pastor delivered was on “Love thy neighbor” which hits home for us and our situation.  We’ve been having issues with the neighbors on our block lately.  My husband and I went up for prayer for peace and protection and guidance with this situation.  The pastor prayed for a band of angels to encamp around our house and for the people causing the problems to be removed.

Once we got home we had just started preparing our lunch and the electricity went out.  I was thinking what am I going to do now??  My husband didn’t waste any time, he got the generator out, fired it up and plugged in the microwave for me to finish cooking.  He hooked up the tv so that we could watch a movie and plugged in a fan to keep us cool.  While the tuna helper was in the microwave I ran over to check on my mom and dad, they were just sitting there watching the rain.  Not really much else to do I guess.  I told mom I’d be back later for coffee and ran back home in the pouring rain….  We dished up the tuna helper, said grace and enjoyed our lunch while watching a movie and listened to rain falling.  After we finished eating we played a few hands of rummy… I whooped him pretty good too….Well once the lights came back on my mom called and said she had coffee dripping so off I went in the pouring rain to drink a cup of coffee and visit with mom and dad.  Daddy was watching a cooking show that I was pretty interested in…. we watched while drinking coffee, commenting on the dishes that were being prepared.  One of the dishes included a gnocchi (a potato ball or dumpling).  I love gnocchi!  That was kind of cool getting to see how they make them too!

When I got back home I went to digging in the freezer looking for some brocolli, I couldn’t find it cuz I had cooked it the other day… shucks.  I did find some bacon, I tossed it on the counter to defrost a bit while I gathered a few more ingredients that I needed.  I peeled some potatoes, tossed them in a pot, washed them real good, filled the pot with water and put it to boil.  I got out an iron skillet, put a tad bit of oil in it, got my bacon, sliced it into tiny strips dropping it into the pan and I seasoned it with some smokehouse maple seasoning then let it cook on a low fire.  While that was going my hunnie and I played a few more hands of rummy… we both won a few hands that time.  Once the potatoes were done I got my strainer thing out, the flat kind that you put up against the pot, drained my potatoes and put them in the fridge to cool.  The bacon was done too so I scooped it out, putting it on a paper towel to drain.  The bacon smelled so good my hubby and I couldn’t resist a taste test, problem was I couldn’t keep my husband out and he normally doesn’t like bacon too much.  I had some chicken thighs defrosted, I tossed them into a pot, filled it with water and put that to boil to start a stock.  While that was boiling we played a few more hands of rummy.   Once the chicken was done, I pulled it out, put it on a plate to cool a bit so I could debone it.  Once it was cool, I deboned it and put it on the side, got my husband to cut me up an onion and started making my potato balls.  I took the potatoes, tossed them in the food processer, cracked and egg into it and let ‘er rip…I’ve never seen potatoes get doughy so fast!  Wow it went to spinning and those potatoes got thick and gouy and sticky.  I thought hmmm… who knew!  So I finished mixing up all the potatoes and eggs, seasoned the mixture with a little salt and some chicken seasoning, broke some bacon into it and cut some mushrooms up into it.  II put the onions in a small pot with a tad of oil to brown them. I started trying to form the dough with a couple small scoops of flour, but that was no where near enough flour.  That’s some sticky stuff!  I got my husband to pour me some more flour and some more flour….  Well I didn’t really have a place to roll out the dough so I scooped the dough and made balls, like meatballs.  I put the chicken, the rest of the bacon and the onions in the stock and turned the fire back up so that it could come to a boil.  While that was heating back up I floured and rolled the potato balls in my hands.  Some I didn’t roll as much cuz I was trying to hurry as I had started putting them in the pot.  I sprinkled a lil bit of flour in the pot too, to try and thicken up the gravy like I do when making chicken and dumplings, making a big mess, getting flour all over the stove.  Oh my that flour burning on the stove top stunk!  My husband was like, what is that stinch!  Well once I got all the potato balls in the pot, I turned it down and let it simmer while we played a couple more hands of rummy.

One thing is for sure, I’m glad I have a husband willing to try some of my adventures in cooking.  He has taught me so much in the kitchen about being adventurous.  I remember when he was working offshore and we had money to buy things we needed to make extravagant dishes…. now he can cook.  I really miss being able to spend the entire day in the kitchen together cooking, enjoying each other’s company, but he’s home now and that’s important too.

So once the gravy thickened up a bit we dished up, said grace and dove in.  It was…different, good, but different.  The ones that I had not rolled as much were kind of airy, I’m not sure I liked the texture.  But, the ones that I had rolled were firm, good.  So next time I make them I will either have to roll the dough out like bread and cut it up or I’ll have to take a lil more time making the potato balls before I start dropping them in the pot.

Overall, it was a good dish.  It was like a soup, which is good on a cool day.  My husband said he enjoyed dinner,which makes it all worth it.

Thank you Lord for blessing us with another Sunday Evening Meal…..

Sunday evening meal on a rainy day....
Sunday evening meal on a rainy day….
Waiting for the pot...
Waiting for the pot…
MMM.... bacon crumbles
MMM…. bacon crumbles
potato balls.4
Oh the mess… lol
Chicken and Potato dumplings...finished product
Chicken and Potato dumplings…finished product

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