I count myself truly blessed; I thought I’d never have the opportunity to be a “Grandmother”

I was sitting at my desk this morning, going through facebook post, sharing a few things and going through my business page and I came across a post of the Halloween Parade at our grandson’s daycare center, so I commented telling our daughter that I was so glad that they had a good time.  So a few minutes later she calls asking if her Dad was working, I told her no and then I gave her the home phone number and she tried calling him but, he didn’t answer ofcourse because he was still asleep.  So she called me right back and says, if I tell you something do you promise not to tell Dad?  I said sure, I could hear a hint of happiness in her voice.  So she says, we are going to have another baby!!  I was thrilled to say the least, I congratulated her and we talked a few minutes…She wants another boy, her husband wants a girl and the little munchin they have already says he wants a “Sister” so his mommy asks, do you want a boy or a girl, thinking that he just likes the word “sister” NOPE!  He says a “Girl”.  Well that’s that…  I told her sometimes babies know….

I know she will be happy either way, they are amazing parents!  They already have an adorable independant almost 2 year old.  He is inquisitive, smart as a whip and cute as a button!  I remember just a couple of years ago getting a phone call from a timid young woman, calling to tell her Daddy that she was going to have a baby…. She was so nervous that she couldn’t tell him so she asked to talk to me and when she told me I started crying.  That really made my husband nervous, we were not married then, I just happened to be there when he received the call.  So I handed him the phone and when he heard the news, his eyes lit up and his mouth dropped.  He was stunned, happy but stunned none the less.

So this daughter of ours, this precious daughter of ours is going to bring another life into this world, bringing more joy than she could possibly imagine to us all.  You see I count myself truly blessed because for many years I thought I’d NEVER have the opportunity to be a “Grandmother” to feel the love, the pride and the joy that only a “Grandmother” can feel.  Boy was I ever wrong!  I met a man a few years ago and we decided to make a go of it and he had 2 girls that I absolutely adore and I love very much and they love me too.  So I now have the opportunity to be “Grandma” and it’s the most amazing feeling in the world and I don’t mind sharing it with some other amazing women!  Now I get to be “Grandma” again and I’m kinda pulling for a little girl to spoil rotten to the core!  Her Pop Pop is too!  Either way we can’t wait to spoil this new bundle of joy!

Thank you for sharing this wonderful news with us today, you know it’s ironic that way found out today…our little grandson was due to be born on Halloween and we celebrated Halloween today because the weather is going to be really bad tomorrow.

All my love!!!


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