With deepest sympathy….I carry your heart

I carry your heart

My heart is so heavy tonight for I know the pain that our little girl feels.  I cannot express how deep my symapthy goes, it goes beyond the depths of my soul.  My heart aches for her for I know the emptiness that she feels, I know the sorrow, the pain, the anger, the questions –why, why me, why now, why!!!!!

How can I comfort her, how can I make the pain go away?  Thing is I can’t & I know I can’t and that absolutely kills me!  We were all so excited to learn there was going to be another bundle of joy to love, to hold and spoil rotten.  & then I get word this morning that our little girls life was shattered, her baby gained it’s heavenly wings.  My heart skipped a beat, my mouth dropped in disbelief.  I prayed that our girls would never have to feel the pain that the loss of a child brings, it’s so heavy, so strong, so deep it cuts you like a knife in the heart, it cripples you, it can consume you.

It’s been 14 years since I lost my first baby and it still seems like yesterday.  I still sense him around me from time to time and there’s never a day that goes by that I don’t think about him.  I wonder what he would be doing about now, I see all the other kids dating and wonder who he would be bringing to the dance and things like that.

I know that sense of loss all to well, all I can really do for our little girl is to pray for God to comfort her, for God to give her peace and strength to get through this tough time.  You see I’ve always held strong to my faith and trusted God to get me through the tough things in my life.  I pray that her and her little family will draw nearer to God and draw strength from him.

To our little “Angel Baby” we love you, we long to hold you, we long to hear your cry, your laugh, see your smile, hold your hand and on and on…. Know that we will NEVER FORGET you!  We carry your heart, we carry your heart in our hearts….Fly high, soar with the eagles and watch for us when our time comes to meet you in Glory Land!!

All my love, Grandma

I carry your heart poem


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