Who would have thought I would ever hear my mom say “Google It!”

World's Best MomIt was an ordinary evening, I’m going along with my day at work, folding laundry and waiting on guests as they come and go and all of a sudden I get the shock of a lifetime–I got a text from my MOM!  Wow, my mom had finally come into the 20th Century!  I was excited to see that she’s taking the iniative to learn more about the newer technology.  Well she didn’t stop there!  Mother was on a roll, she upgraded to a smart phone and she Google’s everything!  I about died when I heard her say “Google it!”  I’m amazed by this transformation that has taken place in my Mother, she has had struggles over the years with different issues and for a long time she had trouble driving even around town due to anxiety.  Thankfully she’s gotten a diagnosis and treatment so that she can go back to leading a normal life.

When we were growing up there were no cell phones, no internet and such, so this technology has changed alot for us and opened up a world of opportunity.  Hek, we had a TV in our room that caught 2 channels if we were lucky and we had to get up and change the channel ourselves, no remote control.  To tell you the truth that was the good ole days, we didn’t have all the clutter in our lives that we do today.

My Mother has really grown in her faith over the years, she gets up in the wee hours of the morning to read her bible and pray for her family.  She plays her gospel cds in the kitchen while cooking, cleaning or sewing.  She’s really a fine example of what a mother, a wife and a grandmother should be.

She has been through more than you could possibly imagine, but she never gave up!  She stood for things that she beleives in, worked hard to provide for us as long as she could and now she is taking care of my Dad who has been diagnosed with Alzeihmer’s disease.  She is a very strong and dedicated woman, tender hearted and good as gold.  I am proud to call her my Mother…..


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