Such senseless tradgedy…#prayforparis

At work today I passed the customer waiting area and saw the news flash about the attacks in Paris, it didn’t really sink in until later in the evening at the end of the day that I realized the peril involved.  I stood watching the news as they were going over the accounts of the attacks in a state of disbelief.  I saw the soldiers standing there directing traffic, the whole country is in a state of emergency, they have a curfew, something they have not had to have since sometime in the 1940’s during World War I.  The borders are closed and the military are on patrol to try to keep order.  The newscast was recounting some of the events and the horror that took place in the concert mall.  One woman that escaped spoke of how everyone was covered in blood, trying to escape and how so many more did not make it.  She said there was bodies everywhere, it was horrifying.  They said that the shooters were up in the balcony and they killed innocent people one by one, shooting them, taking their lives for no apparent reason, shattering lives of family and loved ones. Such senseless tradgedy!!!

If our government does not wake up we are going to be in serious trouble here and have attacks just like Paris did tonight.  Really I think we are having more terrorist attacks than they are letting on or than they even realize.

I think back to just a little while ago we had the incident in Lafayette, La in the local movie theatre and how it horrified our state.  We have family that lives in Lafayette so it really hit home for me for sure.  I don’t understand what this world is coming to, we are supposed to love one another, cherish one another but, instead it’s senseless murder, shattering lives!

I pray for Paris, I pray for our America and the entire world tonight as I watch this senseless killing my heart aches for the families of the victims involved tonight.  I pray for the police, the news crews, the first responders that have to go in and clean up this massacre for they will be forever changed.  I ask for God to put a legion of Angels to surround Paris tonight and always, offering protection and solace.  I also ask God to put a legion of Angels around my family, to protect them from any harm that my come their way.  Hold your family close tonight, say you love one another and let go of the anger and resentment for you never know when someone you love dearly will be stripped away from you with a quickness and you’ll never have that opportunity to say “I love you” that one last time.

All my love & God Bless


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