She knows not her worth; A single Mother

I guess you could say I’m biased and you’d probably be right.  I’m proud to say that I am the Godmother of an amazing young woman.  She has had her struggles, but she has put on her boots, dug deep and stood up and got the job done when it came to taking care of her kids.  This woman started off without alot of hope, she did not feel worthy of alot.  I tell you she is very worthy, beyond words worthy.  When she was younger, she did have her party days, but she ALWAYS made sure that her kids were safe & taken care of.  My late husband and I had the opportunity to be involved in the lives of the children up until he passed away 8 years ago.  I tell you we would not have had it any other way, those kids gave my husband hope, gave him a reason to live, a reason to fight.  He loved those kids as if they were his own and then some probably.  Since his death this young woman has amazed me, she has finished school, she has RAISED her 2 kids to be respectful and to take pride in what they do.  The oldest is in band playing multiple instruments and even has an honors class.  The youngest is also in band and she just made chair playing the flute.  These children love their mother, they respect their mother, they appreciate their mother.

So let me tell you a little bit about this single Mother that I am so proud of: She worked in a bar room to pay her bills and take care of her kids while going to school, she knows the meaning of the word struggle.  She has paid to put herself through college and is now a nurse.  She has worked 2 jobs to make ends meet, to pay the bills, to pay for what the kids need at school, to feed the kids, to clothe the kids, to provide for the kids.  She has put herself and her needs on the side to take care of her kids, she has gone without many times to provide for her kids; needs and wants.  She has learned to manage a busy work life with a busy school function life, getting the kids back and forth to where they need to go; most of the time doing it alone because she moved away from most of the family so that her and the kids could have a better opportunity.  And believe me they do!  The kids have also learned to work for the things that they want, to strive to do good in school, to take pride in what they do.  They have learned from a great example, their mother.  They have learned that life is not easy, but you take what you have and make the most of it.  They have learned about sacrifice, about right from wrong, about responsibility; All from their Mother.  So let me tell you, I see this Single Mother’s worth, I’ve seen it for many years, I saw it during her party days and NEVER gave up on the hope that she would be an amazing Mother, I knew that she loved her children and that her children needed her, they needed her to love them, they needed her to be there for them and they needed to see the sacrifices that have to be made when things get tough.  When the going gets tough, the tough get going.  I am beyond proud of the young woman that you have grown into, I am proud of the Mother that you are and I am honored to be your Godmother (Nanny).  I would not trade you for anything in this world.

All my love, Nanny




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