Birthday’s & Family Values

So today was, you guessed it, my birthday!  I was sooo excited, which is surprising, I’m not usually overly excited and into my birthday.

I had a doctor’s appointment and planned to come home and finish my cake after that.  Well God had other plans.  I received a message from a very dear friend that she was at the doctor yet again with her baby.  She’s been fighting an infection on her lil back for about a week.  They’ve been back and forth to the doctors, got shots, antibiotics, had the cyst lanced, drained and packed–to no avail, it’s still spreading.  The doctor decides to send her to the hospital, then surgery.  Her mom was beside herself to say the least.  I told her I would be there as soon as I could.  I got a call that my doctor was running late due to being tied up in surgery–so I had a few minutes to stop in and see the baby before heading to my appointment.   I’m so glad I did! They had to put an IV in and I was able to hold this precious baby’s hand and pray for comfort for her through it.  I could not imagine having one of my babies go through something like that.  I’m glad I was able to be there to support my friends.

Funny thing is my doctor is the one operating on the baby, which is great!  He is an amazing doctor, great at what he does and he cares.  He’s operated on me before and I’m confident with him performing the operation.

Off to my appointment I go! Went well I had to go for a CT Scan right away so now I wait for paperwork!  I’m screaming on the inside because I want to be with my friends and their baby!  I’m saying to myself “Hurry, please hurry!!!”  But, I know the clerk was doing everything she could to get approval from the insurance company.  They were being difficult, ofcourse!!  Finally, I get my paperwork and off to do my test!  Not yet!! I’m heading over to pray with the family before they take the baby in to surgery.  Now that’s done, I can go do my test.  I head downstairs, get that done, rather swiftly actually.  Run, Run, Run…

Now I’m heading to the surgery waiting area to meet my friends and be with them to wait for news on the baby.  We get a call a few minutes into surgery that she’s doing well.  Other family came to show support, other church members came to show support.  What you have to realize is that we are one big family here.  One hurts, we all hurt.  One needs, we all need!  The babys mom tells me she’s sorry I’m at the hospital on my birthday.  I told her that this baby is wayyy more important than any birthday!  I think deep down, she knew that already.  🙂  The baby’s mother wanted my husband to come with the annointing oil so we could pray & annoint the baby, so after a long hard day’s work, he headed there, oil in hand.  Ofcourse! as I said, we are family.  Finally, the doctor came out and told us that everything went well and the baby was resting, she’d be out of recovery shortly.  Huge relief! Phone calls are made letting everyone else know that all went well, people that came in support starting leaving.  We stayed….

Next thing we know, the baby’s Daddy comes running out of the elevator and say’s I’m going get my baby!  So the Mommy took off with him, she said I’m going with you!  So they went with the staff & the baby in the elevator back to the room upstairs.  Meanwhile, we’re all like, wher’d they go?  Till they call & say we’re going to the room!  Come on elevator!! We’ve got a baby to go see!  Once they get her settled in the bed and go over things with the parents we are allowed in to see her.  Poor baby is out like a light!  They moved her around, getting things situated, taking her blood pressure and the like and she hardly moved.  Resting….. sigh of relief.

My husband and I pray with the family once more, anoint the baby, pray for a very speedy recovery and we head home.

On the way home I noticed I had a missed call from our daughter so I called her back and got to hear her voice and her son’s voice, he’s 2!  The first thing I really understand is “Happy birthday!”  So ofcourse, you guessed it, my heart melted!  I tried understanding a bit more, Mommy talks about him going kayaking and I try to talk to him about that.  He starts getting restless so Mommy say’s I think it’s time to go, bedtime.   I got to tell them thank you for calling.  They will never know how much I really appreciated that call &  treasure it, treasure them!

I get another call from my Godchildren singing “Happy birthday” to me!! My heart is full!!  I can’t really remember a better birthday!  Now it’s time for cake–when I arrived at my mom & dad’s house everyone was there, my brother made a shrimp and crab stew and his wife had potato salad.  OMG it was soo good!  We all ate, had cake and ice cream and then just visited.  We don’t take time out of our busy schedules enough to just visit.  It was absolutely amazing!!!

I had over 100 birthday wishes on facebook, my husband told me happy birthday at midnight and called me this morning and told me again.  Today was my birthday and I thoroughly enjoyed it!  The best birthday present I could ever ask for was for the baby to be ok, to spend time with my family and to hear voices of those far away and I got it all!!!  Material things are nice but, this… money could not buy this!  Thank you Lord for ALL of your blessings and mercy upon us!




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