Camille River will be making an entrance for sure…

Our daughter is expecting a little miracle, an angel sent from Heaven!   Only God can send something so precious, something so sweet, a Granddaughter!  Oh, how exciting!

We are proud Grandparents, telling everyone that there’s going to be an addition to the family!  A baby girl!  Baby girls are just so sweet, you can dress them up like princesses in pink or blue or purple or any color you want as long as there’s a bow on her head she’s set! You gotta have accessories, right!  My sister and I still fuss jokingly about our Nanny teaching us to accessorize our outfits down to the shoes!  We still have to match and we’ll say under our breath darn Nanny!

Things have been going along fine so far, we are planning a trip to be there when the little one comes and God has already made provisions for everything.  Our daughter & I were texting the other day and we were both so excited!  We were planning the trip in a couple of months but, it appears to be a little earlier.

We got news that the baby will be arriving at least 3 or 4 weeks ahead of time due to complications.   Our daughter has developed pre-eclampsia which scares the living heck of of all of us!  They are doing their best to stay strong and say it’s all ok, it’s not as serious as it sounds…. Well I know better!  I’ve been there for a few pre-mature births and I know it’s darn serious.  But, what I know more is that I serve a powerful and mighty God!  So as of right now they’re home resting, awaiting more news from the doctors.  She’ll be going do more tests tomorrow and then Tuesday doing a follow up visit.

All I know is I’m doing my best to stay strong, stay positive here on my end.  I’m screaming inside because I know what is at stake here, if they wait too long our daughter will be in danger, putting them both in danger and if they take the baby too early then she’ll be fighting for her life.  It’s a constant struggle in my mind telling myself they’re going to be ok, God is in control to OMG I know this is serious.  Soooo, I’m going to do what I know best, PRAY!  I’m a firm believer in prayer, in healing prayer, in wonder working power in prayer.

Prayer for the safe delivery of Camille River

Lord, I come to you, an all knowing God.  I know that you know Camille’s path in life already, the bible says that you know each of us before we are ever formed in our mother’s womb.  Lord, although I did not bring our daughter into this world myself, I love her, I love her like I’ve never loved another, there’s a very special place in my heart for her and now there’s going to be a second grand baby and there’s complications.  My heart is heavy and I’m weary Lord, my human weakness is showing.  Lord I beg of you, strengthen Mommy and baby and guide sweet Camille into this world safely.  Lord we need a miracle right now, we need comfort right now, we need strength right now.  You Lord are our hope, you are our strength and you are our light.  Lord please surround Mommy & baby with your angels.  Guide any staff, doctors, nurses and the like that will be caring for Mommy & baby.  Touch their hands, touch their hearts and let them give the very best care.  Let them be ever vigilant in every aspect of the delivery of this sweet child.  Lord I plead the blood of the Lamb over Mommy & baby, I anoint them with the power of your healing touch.  I claim them for the Kingdom of God, I cover them with your blood.  Hide them from the enemy.

Satan I rebuke you and any obstacles that you have placed in the path of this child’s delivery.  I claim a clear path for delivery of a healthy and beautiful baby.  I claim a healthy Mommy!  They are covered in the blood of the Lamb and you cannot touch them!  We are standing strong resisting the enemy!  The bible says “Resist the devil and he will flee” We are resisting, we are fighting, we are claiming a miracle!  Jesus Christ died on a cross and his blood purchased each and every one of us!  We belong to Jesus, our families belong to Jesus!  Our family is covered by the blood of Christ!  I’m not about to stand down when I have the promise that God has given us!

Lord I thank you for this miracle, for being there, for comforting Mommy, for guiding Camille into this world safely, for every one of the doctors and nurses that YOU have chosen to be there to take care of our girls. (All in advance)  Because I believe, because I’m standing strong on the promises that you have given.  Because I am a child of God and I have seen you at work.

Lord please touch Mommy during delivery, ease her pain, help her body to relax and do what it is supposed to do naturally to bring this child forth.  Whisper in her ears telling her it’s all going to be ok, wipe the sweat from her brow Lord, help her to focus on happy thoughts, to focus on the good things.  Hide her from the enemy especially during the delivery.

Any and all prayers are very much appreciated!  I can’t wait to meet our sweet baby girl!

My Mother


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