It’s not everyday you turn 100

Our family has indeed been blessed!  My dear sweet aunt turned 100 years old this past week and her kids & grandkids decided to celebrate! I can’t say as I blame them, it’s not everyday you turn 100…

When I arrived there were vehicles lined up all along the block, you could smell the pits cooking blocks away.  There were so many there to celebrate this day, such love, such pride.  I was able to take a picture with the Birthday Princess, she sat there all dolled up wearing a tiara.  She had a smile from ear to ear, that was priceless.  Oh, the cake,  the cake was gorgeous!  Happy 100th birthday!  The local newspaper came by and took a group photo and there were so many people it was hard to get everyone in the picture.  The family visited with each other reminiscing in memories of days gone by, laughing & smiling, having a grand time.   It was nice to visit family for such a joyous occasion.

This wonderful woman is my grandfather’s only living sibling. She is a legacy in more than one way. She has seen many a day in her life, experienced joy, grief and so much in between.  She suffered many losses in her life and still she stands strong as ever.  She has experienced the joy of seeing her children have families, her grandchildren have families and now great grandchildren have families.  And boy do they love her!  We are all so proud and so blessed to have this wonderful woman in our lives.

She worked hard in her younger years to help provide for her family, her husband fell ill and she took care of him for 20 years.  I’m sure it was not easy but, she didn’t bat an eye, she just did what she had to do.  Her children respect her and know that she gave up things so that they would have what they needed.  Her family did help because that’s just what you do, you help one another.

A few years ago my grandfather and I went to have dinner with my dear sweet aunt, she cooked us a shrimp gumbo.  I was like are you sure you are up to cooking and she said oh yes!  So we went I brought desert I believe.   Well we had the best time, we ate dinner and visited, we took pictures and talked about all sorts of things.  We laughed, that was a good day.  I treasure that day especially since my grandfather is no longer with us.

Thank you Lord for blessing us with such an amazing woman to share our life with, we really do appreciate her.  She has been a source of strength, wisdom and comfort.  She’s been there for her family through thick & thin and we love her for it.

All my love always!



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