She was there; No matter the distance, No matter the hour

So tonight I sit here and write about a lady that loved me like one of her own.  She always made me feel special & never treated me like a step daughter, you were the example of how I want to be with my daughters.  Though I did not give birth to them, I love them like my own.  This woman told everyone I was her daughter, she had me listed as a daughter on her facebook page, at first I didn’t exactly know what to think about it but, I realized that all it meant was that she loved me like one of her own & I was blessed by it.  She used to laugh and tell people that she divorced the husband and kept the kids…

As I got older we got very close, we talked on the phone a lot and spent time together.  I grew to treasure & cherish that time and looked forward to it.  I rode with her delivering plants for a while, we had a blast.  I remember one winter it had iced up and all the trees down the roads were covered in icicles, she thought this was so pretty.  I remember her getting so excited at the beauty of it all.  We stopped on side the road, in a park and other places along the way to snap some pics.  I searched through her pics last night cuz I was sure that I had gotten a pic of her that day but, all I saw was the one that she took of me…. My heart hurt at that point because that is a memory I treasure so much because she was so happy.

I recall when my first husband was in the hospital in New Orleans with a brain hemorrhage, he was having cancer treatment.  I was devastated, worrying about him, not knowing what the future was going to hold.  She, my sister & her husband came late in the night to check on us.  She was there, no matter the distance no matter the hour.  This has always meant a lot to me.

I want to thank you for being there for me, for loving me and guiding me through life’s journey, for blessing me with two beautiful sisters that I treasure.  Anytime I needed you were there, no matter the distance, no matter the hour.  In many ways your love & friendship has helped shape me & mold me into the woman I am today.  I remember as a child you going to bat for me many times…as I recall these memories my heart is full of gratitude and sorrow as I weep because you will no longer be there for me to call when I need advice or to share good news…..

Everyone talked today about your love for each of us, how you wanted things for others more than yourself, how you treasured each one of us in one way or another.  You touched our lives more than you will ever know with your example of generosity and compassion, that is the true meaning of friendship.  You taught us to be ourselves and to value ourselves, that we were important and we were beautiful.

I know that your body was tired, I know that you fought a good fight and that you are resting now and not in pain.  Your wings were ready but, our hearts were not…. Fly high sweet angel, soar with the eagles, dance with the angels and be at peace

All my love,

Your Daughter Crystal

In loving memory of

Kaye Tomlinson Granger




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