& just like that our world was turned upside down!

& just like that our world was turned upside down! I don’t know if you’ve ever gotten that phone call or message that would alter your life forever, news about a loved one being in an accident or whatever the case may be.  Well we have gotten that news…too many times, more than I’d care to count.

You see we’ve lost multiple family members to car accidents over the years and I wouldn’t wish it on anyone.  When you hear of someone else getting the dreaded news your heart drops for you know all to well the pain that they will have to endure.

Tonight I’m writing for a friend of mine’s family members… they have 2 family members in the hospital fighting for their lives and she’s asking for prayer intentions, believing for a miracle healing.  I’m standing in agreement with them and claiming a miracle healing in the mighty name of Jesus!

This is her post from earlier asking for prayer… I am starting an INTENTION process for tomorrow right now. And I need you all to write and comment and say the positive thing that WILL HAPPEN TOMORROW MORNING. In the morning the doctors WILL come in around 5 am and see that the swelling has went down and that he is good and cleared for surgery! They WILL take him to OR and clean him and reattach the organs. They WILL flush him of all toxins and sew him up. Christopher’s blood pressure WILL be exactly where it’s supposed to be and when the finish sewing him they WILL drain his lungs of ALL fluid! Gone! And doctors and nurses will slowly take him off the breathing machines and slowly wake him to a manageable state. This WILL HAPPEN! i will pray, dream, visualize this happening from this point forward and I NEED YOU ALL TO DO THE SAME! *** WILL PULL THROUGH THIS TOMORROW.

God knows who we are asking prayer for…

Father God I come to you right now covering these young men in the blood of the Lamb, rebuking the enemy and standing strong demanding a healing in the most precious name of JESUS!!! Lord I have no doubt that you will come through, touching these young men with your healing touch, restoring them to full health, showing the doctors & nurses that YOU are still in control.  Father send angels to watch over these young men, to encamp round about them, to keep the enemy at bay!

We know that the enemy is working hard, as he always does especially in vulnerable situations, but we know that we serve a mighty & powerful God!  Our God says ask and you shall receive, believe and it shall be added unto you…. Our God is a merciful God and he knows our needs & hearts desires before we even ask him….

Standing in the gap, believing for a miraculous healing….




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