About Me

I am just a girl with hopes, dreams & an ordinary life.  I was raised with old time values that I cannot thank my grandmother and my parents enough for.  I learned responsibility early on in life and when I was a teenager it was really tough.  As I got older and learned the true value of life, I understood much more and appreciated much more.

I never was a party girl, “thank God”!!  I have seen how alcohol & drugs have taken so much away from families.  Partying has never been a need of mine, I have been taught to be strong in my faith & Christian values.  I am a homebody, a boring girl…right…NOT!! I am very strong, I am independent and hard working.  I may write from time to time about some of the struggles that I have had to face.

Most of all I love God, I love my husband and I love my family with all my heart and soul.  I could not imagine life without them.


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