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I sit here tonight with a heavy heart, remanissing in fragrant memories of my childhood

As I sit here tonight with a heavy heart, I remaniss in the fragrant memories of my childhood and thank God for placing me in this family.  I had my problems like everyone else but, things could have been much worse. I remember spending much of my childhood at my Nanny’s with the twins.  You see we are only a few months apart.  My Nanny used to cook things like fried rabbit or chicken stew…oh and split pea soup….she can cook.
I remember going camping during the summers, we’d go fishing & frog hunting.  The first couple times we went we had to put up tents, well Daddy & my Uncle decided to build a camp.  Ohhh, those were the days.   When we’d get out to the camp one of the first things that my Nanny did was start a roux for her chicken stew.  I can still smell it and I can hear everyone talking….the radio playing some George Jones.  Shhhh…don’t tell my Nanny or my parents I hated country music back then, yuck!  Well now I love it.  We even built an outhouse with a tub, and running water too. The guys ran a hose with a pump from the bayou.  I remember the first time my Uncle took a shower, we laughed so hard, he screamed like a banchee when that cold water hit him.  When he came out of the outhouse we asked him if he was ok, he said yeah but, that water was cold.
We went into the lake and put out fishing lines, oh there’s nothing like catching fish and frying it fresh.  I remember thd first time I had to clean a fish that I caught.  I sat there crying because I…me…I had to kill the fish.  I had to clean it.  I kept asking my Daddy; Why do I have to do it?  He said; You caught it, you clean it.  One of the best lessons of my life.  He was teaching md responsibility, something I am eternally grateful for.
Oh, and the frogs, we’d go frog hunting at night, catching anywhere from 75 to 100 or better frogs.  We’d clean them up and have fried fish, fried frogs and white beans & rice.  There is nothing like living off the land.  Or so to speak…
During the summer months my Daddy and my Uncle would take extra time off work to take us camping, so sometimes we were out at the camp for 2 or 3 weeks at a time.  These memories are some of the best memories of my childhood, fishing, frogging, swimming in the bayou….
But, my heart is heavy tonight because my Nanny is not doing well.  She broke her leg a few years back and she has never been the same.  She has been battling infection in the bone pretty much since it happened.  She has lost one leg after a long, horrendous fight.  Now she is battling for her other leg…they have finally decided it best to take that one too.  This woman was like a mother to me in so many ways growing up, she took me in like one of her own.  If she bought for her kids, she bought for me.  If I was sick she took care of me, never once did she tell me I had to go home because I was sick or I was too much to handle.  I am forever grateful for her presence in my life, she has taught me to cook, to wash clothes, how to live in a loving home. I only have one brother so I thank God for all my cousins that he blessed me with.  I thank God for placing my Nanny in my life, for her having the patience to out up with one more kid…she had 5 of her own.  I have had to go to her for advice several times and she showed me a tender touch and assured me that everything was going to be ok.  I always felt like part of the family growing up with them, we stood together, we took up for each other in school…learned some hard lessons together too.
In closing this blogpost I ask that you say a special prayer for my Nanny.  Pray for the family as they struggle seeing her suffering, not ready to let her go but, aching at the site of her suffering.  Pray for God’s mercy & grace upon them.  Thanks & God bless