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You taught me to be strong when I was at my weakest….

Oh my where do I begin….. Tomorrow makes 19 wonderful years this little bundle of joy came into our lives & forever changed the way we viewed life.  Our Godson, our sunshine, our pride & joy!  I’ll never forget watching his Mommy’s belly grow, while he was tucked snug as a bug in a rug, protected within her, lying beneath her heart, growing & stealing our hearts before his arrival.

I remember making his Mom walk towards the end of the pregnancy, hoping to help make labor & delivery easier.  I remember her sitting there indulging in eating oreo cookies and milk, not caring about the calories.  She had some very hard times ahead of her but, she NEVER wavered the thought of having & loving this precious child.  His mother and I did Lamaze classes together, I was there to be her birthing coach.  I’ll never forget how fulfilling it was to be there and experience the anticipation of welcoming this little life into the world! I remember the day we went to the hospital to prepare for delivery.  Upon arrival at the hospital, the staff was busy as bees getting everything set up, putting IVs and asking questions, they were in and out, in and out…. Throughout the day as things started progressing, the pain was getting worse as the contractions came closer and closer.  I never left your Mommy’s side, your Mawmaw & I talked her through the contractions, doing breathing exercises anxious to meet you.

Finally, it was time to go to the delivery room!  Oh boy! Oh boy!! We finally get to meet this beautiful little boy!  This little boy who had long since stolen our hearts!  This little boy named Caleb!  Oh everyone was so excited, the family was all gathered in the waiting rooms & hallway waiting to hear that first newborn cry!  We held your Mommy’s hands, told her she could do it!  She had to do it, we just couldn’t wait to meet you!  Finally there you were, this perfect little boy, this little life that so changed our hearts.  Listen to that cry! That was the most amazing sound I’ve ever heard in my life!  This little boy, who was so loved by so many.  Mommy got to hold you for a brief moment before they took you to clean you up, weigh you and take your fingerprints and footprints.  You were so beautiful, we couldn’t take our eyes off of you.  Once the nurses finished cleaning you up and wrapping you in a baby blanket, they brought you over & I got to hold you, my heart was full, my heart was happy!

Over the years Caleb you have taught me so much

You’ve taught me to love without seeing or touching

You’ve taught me to be strong when I was at my weakest

You’ve taught me that it’s ok to be scared

You’ve taught me how precious life is

You’ve taught me that the struggles we face teach us lessons

You’ve taught me how to use my instincts, when you hurt I hurt

You’ve taught me to be proud, to be scared to death, to laugh till I cried, to be so mad that I had to fight to contain myself so that I could calmly address the issue at hand.

You brought sunshine into our lives Caleb, sunshine at a point & time in Parin & our lives that was dark and painful.  You gave us hope, you gave us a reason to smile, a reason to love, a reason to live.  We helped your Mommy take care of you, we watched you grow, we watched you learn to walk, learn to talk….. I remember you’d only talk to your Parin Chris and one day you started talking to your Mommy and she was so glad when Parin & I got home.  She laughed and told Parin “he won’t stop talking, I’m so glad ya’ll are back” Oh, & taking you off the bottle, when we started taking you off the bottle at night we’d go into your room with a sippy cup and I lost count of how many times you threw it across the room.  When your Mommy would come pick you up in the evenings, she’d give you a bottle for about the first week and one day we all decided no more bottles.  HAHA!  We were all in store for a fussy baby…. That didn’t last long though, you were a good baby.

Your Parin could get you to do anything…. He called you Baboo because he used to play with you saying “aaaaa boo, aaaaa boo” Kinda like Peek a boo. and you’d say baaaa boo.  So he nick named you Baboo! You were his shadow, everything he did, you copied.  EVERYTHING!  It was amazing to watch you learn from him, to watch you grow & blossom.

Caleb, I promise you I will love you forever.  I promise I will be there anytime you need anything!  Nanny is beyond proud of the young man that you have grown up to be, the big brother, the high school graduate, the college student!  I know your Parin would be beyond proud of you too!  I know he’s looking down, smiling on you.

Keep your head up, stay focused on your goals and NEVER give up on your dreams.  You can do anything that you aspire to, be anything you want to be.  Be passionate about whatever you do in life, take pride in everything you do, if you do a job do it well, when you love, love with all your heart, treat your future wife like a queen, respect her, honor her and protect her, be a true gentleman, open doors for her, walk her to the car with the umbrella in the rain, carry in the groceries, warm her car when it’s cold outside, help her with the housework, it’s a joint effort; don’t let her disrespect you. You deserve the best, I pray that you find true happiness, the kind of happiness your Parin & I had.

Respect, honor and protect your Mom and your Sister, they depend on you to set an example and standard on how they should be treated.  Watch out for your sister, don’t let her settle for second best, she deserves only the best.



It’s not everyday you turn 100

Our family has indeed been blessed!  My dear sweet aunt turned 100 years old this past week and her kids & grandkids decided to celebrate! I can’t say as I blame them, it’s not everyday you turn 100…

When I arrived there were vehicles lined up all along the block, you could smell the pits cooking blocks away.  There were so many there to celebrate this day, such love, such pride.  I was able to take a picture with the Birthday Princess, she sat there all dolled up wearing a tiara.  She had a smile from ear to ear, that was priceless.  Oh, the cake,  the cake was gorgeous!  Happy 100th birthday!  The local newspaper came by and took a group photo and there were so many people it was hard to get everyone in the picture.  The family visited with each other reminiscing in memories of days gone by, laughing & smiling, having a grand time.   It was nice to visit family for such a joyous occasion.

This wonderful woman is my grandfather’s only living sibling. She is a legacy in more than one way. She has seen many a day in her life, experienced joy, grief and so much in between.  She suffered many losses in her life and still she stands strong as ever.  She has experienced the joy of seeing her children have families, her grandchildren have families and now great grandchildren have families.  And boy do they love her!  We are all so proud and so blessed to have this wonderful woman in our lives.

She worked hard in her younger years to help provide for her family, her husband fell ill and she took care of him for 20 years.  I’m sure it was not easy but, she didn’t bat an eye, she just did what she had to do.  Her children respect her and know that she gave up things so that they would have what they needed.  Her family did help because that’s just what you do, you help one another.

A few years ago my grandfather and I went to have dinner with my dear sweet aunt, she cooked us a shrimp gumbo.  I was like are you sure you are up to cooking and she said oh yes!  So we went I brought desert I believe.   Well we had the best time, we ate dinner and visited, we took pictures and talked about all sorts of things.  We laughed, that was a good day.  I treasure that day especially since my grandfather is no longer with us.

Thank you Lord for blessing us with such an amazing woman to share our life with, we really do appreciate her.  She has been a source of strength, wisdom and comfort.  She’s been there for her family through thick & thin and we love her for it.

All my love always!


Camille River will be making an entrance for sure…

Our daughter is expecting a little miracle, an angel sent from Heaven!   Only God can send something so precious, something so sweet, a Granddaughter!  Oh, how exciting!

We are proud Grandparents, telling everyone that there’s going to be an addition to the family!  A baby girl!  Baby girls are just so sweet, you can dress them up like princesses in pink or blue or purple or any color you want as long as there’s a bow on her head she’s set! You gotta have accessories, right!  My sister and I still fuss jokingly about our Nanny teaching us to accessorize our outfits down to the shoes!  We still have to match and we’ll say under our breath darn Nanny!

Things have been going along fine so far, we are planning a trip to be there when the little one comes and God has already made provisions for everything.  Our daughter & I were texting the other day and we were both so excited!  We were planning the trip in a couple of months but, it appears to be a little earlier.

We got news that the baby will be arriving at least 3 or 4 weeks ahead of time due to complications.   Our daughter has developed pre-eclampsia which scares the living heck of of all of us!  They are doing their best to stay strong and say it’s all ok, it’s not as serious as it sounds…. Well I know better!  I’ve been there for a few pre-mature births and I know it’s darn serious.  But, what I know more is that I serve a powerful and mighty God!  So as of right now they’re home resting, awaiting more news from the doctors.  She’ll be going do more tests tomorrow and then Tuesday doing a follow up visit.

All I know is I’m doing my best to stay strong, stay positive here on my end.  I’m screaming inside because I know what is at stake here, if they wait too long our daughter will be in danger, putting them both in danger and if they take the baby too early then she’ll be fighting for her life.  It’s a constant struggle in my mind telling myself they’re going to be ok, God is in control to OMG I know this is serious.  Soooo, I’m going to do what I know best, PRAY!  I’m a firm believer in prayer, in healing prayer, in wonder working power in prayer.

Prayer for the safe delivery of Camille River

Lord, I come to you, an all knowing God.  I know that you know Camille’s path in life already, the bible says that you know each of us before we are ever formed in our mother’s womb.  Lord, although I did not bring our daughter into this world myself, I love her, I love her like I’ve never loved another, there’s a very special place in my heart for her and now there’s going to be a second grand baby and there’s complications.  My heart is heavy and I’m weary Lord, my human weakness is showing.  Lord I beg of you, strengthen Mommy and baby and guide sweet Camille into this world safely.  Lord we need a miracle right now, we need comfort right now, we need strength right now.  You Lord are our hope, you are our strength and you are our light.  Lord please surround Mommy & baby with your angels.  Guide any staff, doctors, nurses and the like that will be caring for Mommy & baby.  Touch their hands, touch their hearts and let them give the very best care.  Let them be ever vigilant in every aspect of the delivery of this sweet child.  Lord I plead the blood of the Lamb over Mommy & baby, I anoint them with the power of your healing touch.  I claim them for the Kingdom of God, I cover them with your blood.  Hide them from the enemy.

Satan I rebuke you and any obstacles that you have placed in the path of this child’s delivery.  I claim a clear path for delivery of a healthy and beautiful baby.  I claim a healthy Mommy!  They are covered in the blood of the Lamb and you cannot touch them!  We are standing strong resisting the enemy!  The bible says “Resist the devil and he will flee” We are resisting, we are fighting, we are claiming a miracle!  Jesus Christ died on a cross and his blood purchased each and every one of us!  We belong to Jesus, our families belong to Jesus!  Our family is covered by the blood of Christ!  I’m not about to stand down when I have the promise that God has given us!

Lord I thank you for this miracle, for being there, for comforting Mommy, for guiding Camille into this world safely, for every one of the doctors and nurses that YOU have chosen to be there to take care of our girls. (All in advance)  Because I believe, because I’m standing strong on the promises that you have given.  Because I am a child of God and I have seen you at work.

Lord please touch Mommy during delivery, ease her pain, help her body to relax and do what it is supposed to do naturally to bring this child forth.  Whisper in her ears telling her it’s all going to be ok, wipe the sweat from her brow Lord, help her to focus on happy thoughts, to focus on the good things.  Hide her from the enemy especially during the delivery.

Any and all prayers are very much appreciated!  I can’t wait to meet our sweet baby girl!

My Mother

She knows not her worth; A single Mother

I guess you could say I’m biased and you’d probably be right.  I’m proud to say that I am the Godmother of an amazing young woman.  She has had her struggles, but she has put on her boots, dug deep and stood up and got the job done when it came to taking care of her kids.  This woman started off without alot of hope, she did not feel worthy of alot.  I tell you she is very worthy, beyond words worthy.  When she was younger, she did have her party days, but she ALWAYS made sure that her kids were safe & taken care of.  My late husband and I had the opportunity to be involved in the lives of the children up until he passed away 8 years ago.  I tell you we would not have had it any other way, those kids gave my husband hope, gave him a reason to live, a reason to fight.  He loved those kids as if they were his own and then some probably.  Since his death this young woman has amazed me, she has finished school, she has RAISED her 2 kids to be respectful and to take pride in what they do.  The oldest is in band playing multiple instruments and even has an honors class.  The youngest is also in band and she just made chair playing the flute.  These children love their mother, they respect their mother, they appreciate their mother.

So let me tell you a little bit about this single Mother that I am so proud of: She worked in a bar room to pay her bills and take care of her kids while going to school, she knows the meaning of the word struggle.  She has paid to put herself through college and is now a nurse.  She has worked 2 jobs to make ends meet, to pay the bills, to pay for what the kids need at school, to feed the kids, to clothe the kids, to provide for the kids.  She has put herself and her needs on the side to take care of her kids, she has gone without many times to provide for her kids; needs and wants.  She has learned to manage a busy work life with a busy school function life, getting the kids back and forth to where they need to go; most of the time doing it alone because she moved away from most of the family so that her and the kids could have a better opportunity.  And believe me they do!  The kids have also learned to work for the things that they want, to strive to do good in school, to take pride in what they do.  They have learned from a great example, their mother.  They have learned that life is not easy, but you take what you have and make the most of it.  They have learned about sacrifice, about right from wrong, about responsibility; All from their Mother.  So let me tell you, I see this Single Mother’s worth, I’ve seen it for many years, I saw it during her party days and NEVER gave up on the hope that she would be an amazing Mother, I knew that she loved her children and that her children needed her, they needed her to love them, they needed her to be there for them and they needed to see the sacrifices that have to be made when things get tough.  When the going gets tough, the tough get going.  I am beyond proud of the young woman that you have grown into, I am proud of the Mother that you are and I am honored to be your Godmother (Nanny).  I would not trade you for anything in this world.

All my love, Nanny



Who would have thought I would ever hear my mom say “Google It!”

World's Best MomIt was an ordinary evening, I’m going along with my day at work, folding laundry and waiting on guests as they come and go and all of a sudden I get the shock of a lifetime–I got a text from my MOM!  Wow, my mom had finally come into the 20th Century!  I was excited to see that she’s taking the iniative to learn more about the newer technology.  Well she didn’t stop there!  Mother was on a roll, she upgraded to a smart phone and she Google’s everything!  I about died when I heard her say “Google it!”  I’m amazed by this transformation that has taken place in my Mother, she has had struggles over the years with different issues and for a long time she had trouble driving even around town due to anxiety.  Thankfully she’s gotten a diagnosis and treatment so that she can go back to leading a normal life.

When we were growing up there were no cell phones, no internet and such, so this technology has changed alot for us and opened up a world of opportunity.  Hek, we had a TV in our room that caught 2 channels if we were lucky and we had to get up and change the channel ourselves, no remote control.  To tell you the truth that was the good ole days, we didn’t have all the clutter in our lives that we do today.

My Mother has really grown in her faith over the years, she gets up in the wee hours of the morning to read her bible and pray for her family.  She plays her gospel cds in the kitchen while cooking, cleaning or sewing.  She’s really a fine example of what a mother, a wife and a grandmother should be.

She has been through more than you could possibly imagine, but she never gave up!  She stood for things that she beleives in, worked hard to provide for us as long as she could and now she is taking care of my Dad who has been diagnosed with Alzeihmer’s disease.  She is a very strong and dedicated woman, tender hearted and good as gold.  I am proud to call her my Mother…..

Such senseless and tragic loss “Way to close to home”

It was an ordinary day, we were doing ordinary everyday things…..Until all of a sudden our little world was completely shattered. I was sitting visiting with my Aunt Nita who is down visiting & I was showing her a picture on facebook that my pastor had taken last Sunday out in the church parking lot….It showed how God’s hand of protection was upon the people at the church when a truck came flying over the ditch landing in the church yard. The only thing that stopped that truck was the hand of God…it hit some concrete railroad ties in ths middle of the yard and came to a complete stop. No one was injured, not even a scratch. I was not there so I thanked God time & time again for being there and protecting my family……Testimony #1

This is where it hit home….
Then all of a sudden I see a facebook post about a shooting in Lafayette, La….I darted to the phone to call my Godchild to be sure her & the children were alright. I gasped when I heard her voice, thanking God yet again for protecting my family. This shooting took place a few blocks from her house. My heart is so heavy for the victims and their families. I can’t even begin to imagine the pain they must be feeling. I’ve been praying for the first responders, the police officers, the staff & anyone else that was therecduring the aftermath of this tradgedy. I pray for God’s mercy & grace that he shield them from the horrendous pain of seeing such senseless & tragic loss. I pray for their emotional state of mind to stay clear & focused as they investigate & process the crime scene.
I pray for God’s guidance, peace & strength for all the victims and their families….especially the families of the ones so tragically & suddenly taken. I shutter to think “my babies could have been at that theatre, they could have been injured, they could have been taken….in a split second life can change….it can change tragically & completely for we are never promised our next breath, much less tomorrow. I leave you with this….

Pray without ceasing, stop & smell the fragrant memories that you’ve made with your loved ones. Hug them tight, say I love you every chance you get. Make even more memories to give you strength to get you through the tough times….Don’t sweat ths small stuff. Hold on to the good stuff, let go of the negative things in your life. Find peace, find happiness & if you don’t know Jesus find him. For Jesus is the truth, the way & the life.

Praying for peace……

Wishing I could put time in a bottle keeping them from the dangers that we face

Tonight I am feeling fulfilled yet heartbroken, watching all the children as they grow into young adults.

I am wishing I could put time in a bottle and keep all of them locked away from the dangers of this world and keep them hidden away to enjoy each precious moment with them.

Don’t get me wrong I am soooo proud of them that I am bursting but, I sit here sighing as I know the heartaches and the pains that each of them will face.  They are all so special to me in one way or another, I have precious memories tucked inside of my heart and when I think of them it brings a ray of sunshine into my day.

I look back at all of the struggles that we have faced and how God has brought us through them.  All the worries, the sleepless nights, the anger, the tears, the fears, the hurt and the pain.  Each second of it was well worth it and I would do it all over again.  The joy in the end was well worth the pain.  The circle of life…..

Soon they will all be off with families of their own, having babies to care for and running their own lives….too busy for family time.  Precious family time.  We take time for granted, never stopping to smell the roses so to speak.  In this case the roses being loved ones…mothers, sisters, brothers and so on.  But, even though tomorrow is never promised, the clock never stops, time goes on and we adjust to our ever changing circumstances as things and people that we know and love seem to come and go.

It seems that I am now taking time to stop and smell the roses….the sweet, fragrant memories of the children as they grow.  I remember the laughter, the tears, the newborn cries, the first steps, the first tooth, the potty training, fixing the boo boo’s, holding their hands at their bedside & playing nurse, feeding them foods for the first time, the hugs, the kisses, the games of hide & seek….and I catch myself off daydreaming and going back to those fragrant memories making me wish that I could put time in a bottle.

This blog is dedicated to my Godchildren, my nieces & nephews.  Nanny loves you all so very much!  God bless you, don’t forget to stop and smell the roses sometime.