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These blog posts are about the life, love and marriage of me and my loving husband who happens to be a Marine Veteran. He is an amazing man and I am proud to be his wife….

How Lucky can a gal be? My heart is happy today…

Today I was in the kitchen cooking supper and got to thinking how lucky of a gal I am!  I felt such joy, happiness…absolutely jubliant!  I thought, thank you Lord for giving my dear husband and I the courage to conquer all the obstacles that have come at us during our time together.  It’s been a rocky road but, we stuck together, for the most part…  and we have finally hit a triumphant point in our relationship!  It’s been GREAT!!! We have learned to appreciate each other, love each other and respect each other now more than ever & I’m so grateful that we didn’t give up on each other as so many times that would have been the easy way…

Yesterday was a very special day…October 18th is the anniversary of us dating.  I can’t believe it’s been 9 years!

We spent the whole day together, Doug took the day off to go to the doctor with me.  I had an appointment with the surgeon and didn’t want to go by myself.  I wanted him there in case he had questions too and so that he would know what’s going on.  I’ve been very sick the past couple months fighting asthma, allergies and a hernia pressing on my left lung, which has been causing immense pain & pressure and affecting my breathing alot.  Once we left the doctor we headed to another doctor’s office to pick up paperwork that the surgeon wanted to review in his consideration for the surgery.  Thankfully his boss was understanding and let him have the day off.  It really made me feel good to have him there with me.  & it just ended up being on our anniversary.

I count myself very blessed indeed, I have a wonderful husband, 2 beautiful daughters, son-in-laws and 2 beautiful grandchildren… which I thought I would never have the privilege of being Memaw (as I’ve never had my own children)! I tell you I love those babies so very much!  They are absolutely adorable & have stolen my heart forever…

You see my husband & I had lots of issues to work through.  I’m a Christian, always have been as I was raised by a God fearing Grandmother who brought us to church, taught us respect and to treat people how you want to be treated and my husband was a defiant, wild, mouthy diver who did not believe in God.  He always said he knew there was a higher power but, he just didn’t know who or what it was.  Through LOTS of fervent, uplifting, fearless prayer he has been saved and is now a Christian and worships our God with such devotion it’s breathtaking.  Oh, the transformation has been absolutely wonderful!  I felt such a connection with this man from the beginning and I KNEW that God had a plan and that he was meant for me & I was meant for him.  We needed each other and God knew that, God knew that Doug needed a woman of faith in his life that would fight for him sparing nothing…a woman that would have the courage to conquer the devil himself in prayer for the man that she so loved. That woman was me… I know that God prepared me to do what needed to be done for this wonderful man.  I could not have done it without God’s help, guidance and strength.  But, God also knew that I needed this man.  A man that would fight for the woman he loved, determined to change his life for the better, giving up a lifestyle that he had become accustomed to over the years of being single and leading a daring life.  Before we started dating, he was a fly by night…anything goes kinda guy.  His life has done a total 180 and I’m amazed at the work that God has done in his life as well as mine.

It’s always amazing to see God perform miracles and this sure has been one, as I stated we had a very rocky road for a while.  You see we had separated for a while, we still did things together, went places together, remained friends.  Neither of us dated anyone else during that time, my Mom would tell me “He needs you!” & I would be like yeah right!  You know how the saying goes…. Mama knows… well my Mom knew how much we loved each other and how much we desperately needed each other.  She spent many nights fearlessly praying for both of us too, begging God to give us the courage to work things out and he did.  Thankfully, he did.

I’m at a point right now that I’m ecstatic with my life, I love my husband dearly and pray that God will continue to give us the courage to stand up for each other and our marriage.  We both feel marriage is a sacred bond not to be taken lightly. I’m going to press on with no fear, no worries, just a passion for this man that God has so generously blessed me with.

Thank you Lord for giving us the courage to tread through the rocky roads of this thing we call love and getting us to an amazing point in life where we are blessed beyond belief….

All my love to you Douglas, thank you for loving me!

Your loving wife







And He says “We’re going to make it”

This morning started off kinda squirrelly, my husband was up all night with a headache, he hit his head pretty hard last night.  I was very concerned but, him being who he is says “I’m not going to the doctor!!”  I said “You know you are stubborn!!”  He said yeah & smiled.  I was debating whether or not to go to church and he says, you should go.  So I got up, got coffee, dressed and headed out.  I arrived a few minutes late & even though I was late, everyone still greeted me, hugged me, said they were glad to see me.   They asked how my husband was, he’s been under the weather the past couple of weeks. This is a very small congregation, but they are very loving and accepting of us.

When I got home my husband and I were sitting at the island in the kitchen and he passed behind me, brushing his hand across my back, I felt something, I felt a tenderness, I felt a vibe that I’ve not felt in a loooonnnngggg time, I felt love in that touch.  It was such a tenderness that it sent chills down my spine, melted my heart.  I didn’t say anything, at that moment I wanted to freeze time and just absorb all of the goodness out of that touch.  It was as though our hearts collided!

I went through the day without saying a word about it, thinking about the past few years, reminissing about the good and the bad times we’ve been through, how far we have come.  The joys and the sadness that we have faced and in that moment I knew “We’re gonna make it”  You don’t feel a touch this deep, deep in your heart, deep in your soul and just toss it out.

I spent most of the evening with my parents, they are not feeling too well and I don’t get to spend much time with them with the way I work.  All evening I kept thinking how gooooodddd that touch felt.

When I got back to the house I asked my husband to pause the show he was watching and I told him that I felt something that I’ve not felt in a long time.  He said what?  I said when you brushed up against me this morning I felt love, I felt a tenderness.  He said “I Love you!” I said I know, but I have not felt that in a touch in a long time.  Of course the tears came rolling down my face.  He said, we’ve been through alot, but we’re gonna make it, you are my best friend and I love you.

So tomorrow we will celebrate our 2nd wedding anniversary and I’m excited, I’m grateful that we made it.  Grateful on so many levels, grateful that Doug has grown in his Christian life, grateful to have him by my side, grateful that God has blessed me with him.  He gets on my nerves like no other but, he cooks, he cleans, he takes the dog out.  He worked so hard finishing up the bathroom so that we could have a shower.  He enclosed the tub, did all the work with precision and complained when it did not come out PERFECT.  I said in this house, perfection is not an option but, this is HOME!

Right now I plead the blood of the Lamb over our marriage, over our house, over our family.  I claim all the blessings that God has in store for us in the coming year.  I thank you Lord for bringing us this far, for guiding us through this journey.

Here’s to many more Anniversaries Honey!!!!!

Digital Camera

Road Trip #2; Visiting the Nubble Lighthouse

Visiting the Nubble Lighthouse
Visiting the Nubble Lighthouse

Even though it’s been a little whie since we took this road trip it’s still very fresh in my memory and I wanted to share it with you all.  So if you remember we took a vacation to New Hampshire for our daughter’s wedding and were able to get in a couple road trips, this is day 2.  So we all get moving around in the morning, trying to decide what we are going to do for the day, our time there was winding down and we wanted to make the most of it.  So after we see the kids off on their honeymoon we packed up and headed out ourselves.  My mother in law and brother in law were there for the wedding and we wanted to spend time with them as well since we don’t get to see them often either.

Well my brother in law was clever and did some research on the local tourist attractions up in Maine, I had told him the day before that I wanted to go see a lighthouse.  He had the routes all planned out for the day.   We were very blessed to have him do that.  He wanted to see some other local sites and was kind enough to include the lighthouse for me.

So we hit the road a little later than we wanted to, but we just had to see the kids off! We drove about an hour and a half before we got to the first destination which was Perkins Cove on the coast.  It was GORGEOUS!!  So they dropped my husband and I off to go through the local shops and they took the walking trail along the coast.  I had been having lots of trouble with my feet and was not able to walk the trail which was 1 mile each way.  My brother in law is more of an outdoorsy type anyway, they really enjoyed their walk.  It actually went from Perkins Cove, where we were all the way across to another little touristy town full of shops and attractions.

Digital Camera
Entering Perkins Cove
Digital Camera
View off the coast

My husband and I started off with a shop filled with Christmas ornaments!  OMG there were so many, I just could not belive my eyes.  I wanted to buy them all!  But, I settled for buying one for the newlyweds–I know she likes kind of country styled decor so I found one with cute little birds on a heart and it said “First Christmas”. I had saw some with a bride and groom and all glittery but, this one was just perfect!  I knew she’d love it!  After a while my husband says, are you ready?  Off to the next shop we go… This one was filled with candy, candy of all kinds!  There was chocolate, taffy, brownies, cookies, candy corn and soooo much more!  We ended up buying a bag of salt water taffy and it was delicious!  That was a hard choice!

The Pottery Shop
The Pottery Shop
Digital Camera
Scully Gallery…

On to the next shop which was a mix of sorts, there was jewelry and cermaic cups, shirts and more…. I thought of another special person to purchase a little something for… our daughter’s mother in law.  She was absolutely amazing!  She loves our daughter like one of her own, she looks out for her, takes care of her and is there for her.  So I had to find something… I scoured the shop and nothing jumped out at me.  Off to the next shop…pottery, really nice pottery… the next shop, more jewelry…. Finally we come to a little shop with paintings, they had from big to very small.  I found something!  It was a saying–something about “Children needing a role model, a loving example” something to that effect and that’s exactly what she is a loving example.  She encourages the kids, tells them that they can do whatever they want.  It was perfect!  Now I have to find a frame.

Foot Bridge Lobster....
Foot Bridge Lobster….

Off to the next place, walking down the way we came across a little place that was selling lobster–they had lobster rolls buy 1 get 1 free!  I thought oh my that sounds great!  So we got each a lobster and a drink, there was no tables to sit at so we had to go sit in the little square on the bench.  It was great, eating lobster, juice running down our arms and all!

Eating Lobster on the bench
Eating Lobster on the bench–the husband hates his picture taken so he controls the camera and takes my picture….lol

We hit a few more shops picking up a few souveniers for family back home and then we headed back to the car.  Well no one was at the car yet and we were hungry again so we decided to grab a little something else.  My husband absolutely LOVES clam chowder and here you can get it with fresh clams as opposed to the canned ones at home…clam chowder it was.  We sit down at this restaurant, get an order of chips and dip and clam chowder and it was good…. to top it off we sat outside and had the view of the coast!

Digital Camera
View of the coast
Digital Camera
View of the coast 

Once we finished eating we went back to the car and there was my mother in law and brother in law, patiently waiting on us.  They had just gotten to the car too, that worked out well.

Now off to the lighthouse!  It was about another half hour drive or so to the lighthouse.  Oh I could not belive the view when we got there!  This lighthouse is off on an island all by itself, clouds and water surrounded it, oh the view was gorgeous!  This beacon of light stood there tall and proud waving an American Flag.  Beside it there was a small farmhouse with a white picket fence and all.

Digital Camera
Nubble Lighthouse, Maine
Visit to the Nubble Lighthouse...
Visit to the Nubble Lighthouse…
Digital Camera
Nubble Lighthouse, Maine
Visiting the Nubble Lighthouse....
Visiting the Nubble Lighthouse….
Digital Camera
Nubble Lighthouse, Maine
Digital Camera
Visiting the Nubble Lighthouse, Maine
Digital Camera
Visiting the Nubble Lighthouse, Maine

We went down on the rock beds to take a closer look, I’ve always loved lighthouses.  I guess since my dad was a fisherman and I know that when they would come in late at night they depended upon those lights to bring them in.   In the back there were some tracks, looks like they use it to bring up their boat & supplies, that was kinda cool too.  When we finished looking around there, we headed over to the gift shop.  There was information on the Nubble Lighthouse, the history of it and all.  Pictures of the lighthouse on just about anything you could imagine! The attendant was very nice too, she was just as interested in us as I am from the South and my husband and his family are from Seattle, the west.  We were all sharing stories, laughing and enjoying each other’s company.  It was truly an experience I will never forget.

Once we left the lighthouse we decided to stop off for icecream.  There must have been 50 flavors!  Wow!  There were like 5 windows that you could order at too. Someone left the window with a cone and it had 3, yes 3 huge scoops of ice cream on it!  My mother in law and I looked at each other like that’s alot of ice cream.  Well we overheard someone else say that was large and there was a kiddie option that was a little smaller.  I got a sea salt caramel ice cream cone, my mother in law got chocolate, my husband got a sundae–and it had nuts on it– he was upset because he told the guy he did not want any nuts on it.  He did not want to go back to the window, he threw it away!  I sat there shaking my head, that’s my stubborn husband….   The rest of us sat on the bench and finished our ice cream and it was delicious and creamy.  I had never had sea salted caramel, which seems to be a big thing there.   Sorry no pictures of the ice cream stop, my batteries in the camera died….

Now it was getting dark, time to head back to the house.  This was a great day….thanks brother in law for letting us tag along and making it possible for me to see the lighthouse!

Sunday evening dinner trying something new….Making potato dumplings

Today was a queit, rainy day due to Hurricane Patricia coming in over Texas.  We were getting many of the rain bands causing lots and lots of rain.  My husband and I went to Sunday Morning Service and it was great.  I get a great deal of pleasure from going to church service and hearing the word and the message the pastor delivered was on “Love thy neighbor” which hits home for us and our situation.  We’ve been having issues with the neighbors on our block lately.  My husband and I went up for prayer for peace and protection and guidance with this situation.  The pastor prayed for a band of angels to encamp around our house and for the people causing the problems to be removed.

Once we got home we had just started preparing our lunch and the electricity went out.  I was thinking what am I going to do now??  My husband didn’t waste any time, he got the generator out, fired it up and plugged in the microwave for me to finish cooking.  He hooked up the tv so that we could watch a movie and plugged in a fan to keep us cool.  While the tuna helper was in the microwave I ran over to check on my mom and dad, they were just sitting there watching the rain.  Not really much else to do I guess.  I told mom I’d be back later for coffee and ran back home in the pouring rain….  We dished up the tuna helper, said grace and enjoyed our lunch while watching a movie and listened to rain falling.  After we finished eating we played a few hands of rummy… I whooped him pretty good too….Well once the lights came back on my mom called and said she had coffee dripping so off I went in the pouring rain to drink a cup of coffee and visit with mom and dad.  Daddy was watching a cooking show that I was pretty interested in…. we watched while drinking coffee, commenting on the dishes that were being prepared.  One of the dishes included a gnocchi (a potato ball or dumpling).  I love gnocchi!  That was kind of cool getting to see how they make them too!

When I got back home I went to digging in the freezer looking for some brocolli, I couldn’t find it cuz I had cooked it the other day… shucks.  I did find some bacon, I tossed it on the counter to defrost a bit while I gathered a few more ingredients that I needed.  I peeled some potatoes, tossed them in a pot, washed them real good, filled the pot with water and put it to boil.  I got out an iron skillet, put a tad bit of oil in it, got my bacon, sliced it into tiny strips dropping it into the pan and I seasoned it with some smokehouse maple seasoning then let it cook on a low fire.  While that was going my hunnie and I played a few more hands of rummy… we both won a few hands that time.  Once the potatoes were done I got my strainer thing out, the flat kind that you put up against the pot, drained my potatoes and put them in the fridge to cool.  The bacon was done too so I scooped it out, putting it on a paper towel to drain.  The bacon smelled so good my hubby and I couldn’t resist a taste test, problem was I couldn’t keep my husband out and he normally doesn’t like bacon too much.  I had some chicken thighs defrosted, I tossed them into a pot, filled it with water and put that to boil to start a stock.  While that was boiling we played a few more hands of rummy.   Once the chicken was done, I pulled it out, put it on a plate to cool a bit so I could debone it.  Once it was cool, I deboned it and put it on the side, got my husband to cut me up an onion and started making my potato balls.  I took the potatoes, tossed them in the food processer, cracked and egg into it and let ‘er rip…I’ve never seen potatoes get doughy so fast!  Wow it went to spinning and those potatoes got thick and gouy and sticky.  I thought hmmm… who knew!  So I finished mixing up all the potatoes and eggs, seasoned the mixture with a little salt and some chicken seasoning, broke some bacon into it and cut some mushrooms up into it.  II put the onions in a small pot with a tad of oil to brown them. I started trying to form the dough with a couple small scoops of flour, but that was no where near enough flour.  That’s some sticky stuff!  I got my husband to pour me some more flour and some more flour….  Well I didn’t really have a place to roll out the dough so I scooped the dough and made balls, like meatballs.  I put the chicken, the rest of the bacon and the onions in the stock and turned the fire back up so that it could come to a boil.  While that was heating back up I floured and rolled the potato balls in my hands.  Some I didn’t roll as much cuz I was trying to hurry as I had started putting them in the pot.  I sprinkled a lil bit of flour in the pot too, to try and thicken up the gravy like I do when making chicken and dumplings, making a big mess, getting flour all over the stove.  Oh my that flour burning on the stove top stunk!  My husband was like, what is that stinch!  Well once I got all the potato balls in the pot, I turned it down and let it simmer while we played a couple more hands of rummy.

One thing is for sure, I’m glad I have a husband willing to try some of my adventures in cooking.  He has taught me so much in the kitchen about being adventurous.  I remember when he was working offshore and we had money to buy things we needed to make extravagant dishes…. now he can cook.  I really miss being able to spend the entire day in the kitchen together cooking, enjoying each other’s company, but he’s home now and that’s important too.

So once the gravy thickened up a bit we dished up, said grace and dove in.  It was…different, good, but different.  The ones that I had not rolled as much were kind of airy, I’m not sure I liked the texture.  But, the ones that I had rolled were firm, good.  So next time I make them I will either have to roll the dough out like bread and cut it up or I’ll have to take a lil more time making the potato balls before I start dropping them in the pot.

Overall, it was a good dish.  It was like a soup, which is good on a cool day.  My husband said he enjoyed dinner,which makes it all worth it.

Thank you Lord for blessing us with another Sunday Evening Meal…..

Sunday evening meal on a rainy day....
Sunday evening meal on a rainy day….
Waiting for the pot...
Waiting for the pot…
MMM.... bacon crumbles
MMM…. bacon crumbles
potato balls.4
Oh the mess… lol
Chicken and Potato dumplings...finished product
Chicken and Potato dumplings…finished product

Home cookin’ Southern style fried catfish…it’s more than just a meal

Ahhh….home cooked meal

Yesterday my sweet husband calls me and asked what we were going to do for dinner….I was like “I don’t know” I asked what he had in mind.  He just wanted something different.  Well I stopped and picked up Bingos for dinner and told him that I would fry fish tomorrow.  He said that sounds great.  So Bingos it was and as always it was delicious!  I had the fried fish and 3 shrimp with fried rice and I got him mongolian pork and a couple egg rolls.

So today I worked late, we had some customers that came in late so we all stayed till they were finished with their paperwork.  It made our day, they were very happy with their vehicle.  I tried calling home to tell my Hunnie that I was working late but, it went straight to voicemail.   I called my mom told her just in case she saw him to tell him.  Well once I left work I went to the grocery store for my fish.  I’m all done and on my way home when my phone rings and it was my Hunnie, he says where are you, I’m waiting on my fried fish.  That kinda made me smile.  Knowing that my husband is awaiting a home cooked meal makes my day…. I don’t get to cook near as often as I’d like because I work late but, when I do I like to take my time with it.  And when the people that I’m cooking for enjoy the meal that makes it all worth the work put into the meal.

I got home and went right to preparing my fish, cutting it in chunks and cleaning the edges of it off, making sure there were no bones or anything left.  I poured pickle juice in a bowl, cracked a couple of eggs into it and added some yellow mustard, whisked it up with a fork and threw in my fish.  While that was marinating I poured fish fry in another bowl and added a few spoonfuls of flour and mixed that up.  I took a pack of white beans out of the freezer and thought hmmm…. sweet pea salad would be great with this but, I don’t have any sweet peas.  Off to my mom’s I headed for a can of sweet peas.  My daddy asked what I was cooking and I told him fried fish.  He says, you got fish!  I said I sure do, he wanted some so of course he’d get some.  🙂  Back at home, I put some eggs to boil for the sweet pea salad, poured some oil in my good ole’ iron skillet.  I also had some thin cut pork chops, which I wasn’t sure if I was going to cook or not…decided to cook them too.  I got out another bowl poured in some zesty italian dressing and cracked a couple of eggs into it, mixed it up and put the pork chops to marinate.  Now I’m ready to start cooking….. the oil is hot and the fish is all battered and fish fryed up, ready to go in the pan.  My husband says, you know I just cleaned that stove.  I say well you can’t have a clean stove and fried fish and give him a half smile continuing on with preparing the meal.  Once the first batch of fish was done I taste tested a piece of fish and OMG it was goooood.  I recruited the help of my husband once the eggs were done boiling, he peeled the eggs, put on some rice and put the beans in a pot to be warmed.  My husband was also anxious to taste the fish so he had a couple pieces for taste test.  He said he took the second to be sure it was good, he had to make sure there was nothing wrong with it. By the time all that was done, the fish was finished and I was ready to start the pork chops.  I got another pan, poured oil in it, put it to heat and started passing the pork chops through the bread crumbs and flour mixture that I had prepared.   The pork chops were thin so they did not take long at all, I put them in the pan once the oil was hot enough, flipped them a couple times during cooking and once they were golden brown I put them on a paper towel to drain.  Before we sat down to eat I went to bring my daddy some fish.  My neice was asking, whatcha got Nanny???  I said no, no back up this is for grandpa… when she found out it was fish off the bone she didn’t want it anyway.  lol  Oh, boy daddy was happy though.  He didn’t waste any time eating it either.  That made me happy…. I rushed back home to enjoy the meal that I had worked so hard to prepare with my wonderful husband.  We each got a plate, put some fish, beans and rice, sweet pea salad and a pork chop.  My husband poured him a glass of kool aid, handed me the ketchup and laid us out each a paper towel.  Once we sat down to enjoy our meal we said grace “Thank you Lord for the graces that you have given us to get this meal, thank you for keeping us under your watch, bless the hands that helped to make this meal possible from the fields to the market.  Bless the fisherman that caught the fish.  Amen”   We enjoyed our meal tonight, but we also enjoyed the time spent in the kitchen preparing the meal.  We have spent many days preparing meals together, bonding and enjoying each other’s company.  I love being in the kitchen cooking, preparing a meal for my family and I really miss being able to do it as often as I used to.

Tonight was a good night, no tonight was a great night…..

Our visit to Hampton Beach…It was heavenly

Digital Camera
Our visit to South Beach Seafood on Hampton Beach…..Sept 2015
Digital Camera
The clam chowder hit the spot on a chili day…

Well we planned a trip to New Hampshire for our daughter’s wedding and we got in a few road trips too…One of which was to Hampton Beach….My husband wanted to go to the beach to get seashells for our neice.  She is always picking up shells and rocks around the house.  Sunday morning we packed up and headed off….we were given wind breakers and a few other supplies that we may need during our trip.  We ended up following my husband’s mother and brother and making a day of it with them since we don’t get to see them often.  The day started off well, we hit the road about 10:30 am, the drive was about an hour and a half or so.   The drive went pretty smooth I’d say, my husband always says if it’s over 5 minutes it’s too long, lol.

While we were driving around looking for a place to park I saw this little place…..roast beef sandwiches, seafood and so on.  And my husband was screaming hungry, ready to eat anything that came at him.  Well we finally found a place to park and walked over a couple blocks to the beach front.  My husband, his mother and my brother in law were standing on the corner trying to decide what they were going to do and I KNEW my husband was ready to eat.  So off I headed to find this little place that I saw on the way in.  My husband soon followed…. We were trying to be frugal so we ordered the special which was crab roll with fries for around $11 and we both opted to get the clam chowder.  Great choice by the way….we sat there out front, in the wind and drizzling rain enjoying our lunch.  We enjoyed it so much that we ended up asking the guy at the counter to take our picture and that I’d shout out to him on facebook…I did even better, I did a review on TripAdvisor and Yelp too.  You see I am the Internet Sales Manager at Courtesy Toyota and I know how important the web presence is.

My husband was freezing since the jacket he had was a bit thin.  The owner of South Beach Seafood sent us down to a friend of his who has T-shirts and the like.  We stopped in one spot but, we didn’t see any guys working there so we kept walking and found his shop.  I can’t remember the name but, the people were SUPER friendly and grateful that their friend had sent us there.  That’s a great thing to have these days, a good business relationship with other business owners–they know how hard it is to make it.  My husband picked out a nice “Hampton Beach” design and had it put on the sweatshirt, it was done in a jiffy and it was VERY reasonably priced too.

After we enjoyed our lunch and got my husband a sweatshirt pullover, we mosied on over to the beach looking for shells.  The beach was the cleanest that we have ever seen.  We didn’t find but a few shells and they weren’t exactly sea shells like we wanted.  They were more like rocks, slate rocks.  Kinda cool though.  Once we walked the beach a while we decided to see what else we could find in the shops….we came across “The Silversmith” it’s a small store with a variety of gift items from jewelry to rocks…yes rocks.  & my neice is very into rocks so that’s what we ended up looking at the most.  We got her a couple of rock slices–they are actually slices of rock.  One was blue on the inside and I think the other was a bright pink.  I also got her some bloodstones in several different colors so that I could show her the variations in the colors.  I make jewelry and I’m always looking at different stones.  She really liked them, that made us happy.  My husband was also being a lil sneak, 🙂  He ended up buying me a mother of pearl inlaid cross pendant.  I LOVE it, I’ve been wearing it almost everyday.  Thank you Honey……

We met back up with my mother in law and brother in law while we were in the gift shop.  They enjoyed their tour too, they ended up going walk through the festival grounds and a few of the other shops there on the beach front.

My husband and I don’t get to travel much, so this was a very much needed getaway.  We really enjoyed our day at the beach and getting to spend time alone was kinda nice too….


Day 1 Love is patient

Be completely humble and gentle;be patient, be kind, bearing with one another in love. Ephesians 4:2

The last couple of days have been great.  No arguing or fussing.  I did start to get frustrated a couple of times but, I held my own.  Right now the battle seems to have lightened a bit.

My prayer is that in time things will continue getting better.  I know it won’t be a bed of roses, that would be boring anyway but, I can’t handle the constant fighting and hurting each other.  I’m afraid that one of us is going to go too far and we won’t be able to overcome the obstacle.  We need to be a team.

Love is patient; what does that mean to me?  That means that we are supposed to be understanding of each other’s feelings and opinions.  We are supposed to encourage each other and build each other up.  When we work as a team, we work together instead of pulling away from each other, we pull towards each other.  We are supposed to be respectful of each other and hold each other high above ourselves or our own needs.

So how did day 1 go you ask?  I think day 1 went well, it is going to be a process of getting back into the habit of slowing down to smell the roses and learning to cherish what we have.  To not take each other for granted as we so often do.

All my love to you my sweetheart,
Your loving wife

And I say “Devil leave my husband alone!”

It’s been kinda rough the last few months and I failed to realize that I was assisting the Devil in attacking my husband.  Well no more!! We had a really bad fight a few nights ago and our Pastor came to talk to us, God bless him for working so hard and being there for us.  I honestly don’t know what we would do without him.

Well while the Pastor was here my husband shared some of his struggles and I realized that Satan is using his weaknesses to attack him and I’ve been helping him. So Sunday morning I asked the ladies of the church to pray for my husband, I needed them, I pleaded with them, my husband needs them! We gathered in a circle and prayed, covering my husband in prayer, claiming victory over the enemy!

I have been fervrently praying daily, covering my husband in prayer, rebuking Satan! I have been praising God and thanking him for giving me the keys and the authority over the Enemy! Proclaiming Victory in Jesus,my Savior Forever, he sought me and he bought me with his redeeming blood!!

Satan you wil not prevail! Not now or ever! You have one pissed off and very determined Coonass woman on your hands! Bring it on!

We serve a mighty God!! I refuse to let you win, I refuse to let you torment my husband, I refuse to let you tear apart our marriage! I refuse to let you steal our peace, I refuse to let you be in control! GOD IS IN CONTROL!


In the name of Jesus I claim
1. Freedom of nightmares
2. Freedom from all emotional pain and scarring
3. Peace, joy and happiness
4. A strong and long marriage
5. Calmness in our home–no matter where we reside
6. Deliverence from any & all Demons!
7. Financial blessings
8. Healing for family hurt, for emotional bondage-I loose these bondages and claim freedom from these bondages in the name of Jesus!
9. Strength, clarity, firmness in faith and God’s will for my husband’s life!
10. Healing of annimosity at my workplace and my husband’s workplace;Lord cleanse our workplaces of all evil afoot!


Lord hide my husband from the enemy until his faith once again strengthens and he can stand and fight with me!

Lord tonight I claim total and complete freedom from any and all evil that tries to come against my husband. I claim a peaceful, calm, restful night’s sleep. I speak Boldly against Satan “Flee from my husband, flee from my house, flee from my marriage, flee from my finances, flee from my family, flee from my workplace, flee from my husband’s workplace!! In ths name of Jesus I CALL IT DONE!! For God has given me the authority over the enemy!!

Satan you cannot have what does not belong to you! My husband is a Child of God! God will protect him, God will fight for him, God will hide him from you! Satan you have tried to take control where you have no business, you have tread on thin ice and you will not prevail!!

All my love to my wonderful husband!!

I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America…I’m married to a Marine Veteran

So today was just an ordinary day, I had a ton of work to do.  Work was going along just fine as I hurried to get everything that I could done before leaving for a meeting.

Well I made it to the meeting in plenty of time.  I even met up with an old friend/business associate.  He had moved away for several years and has recently moved back to town.  That was rather refreshing.  As everyone arrived & got signed in, the crowd mingled and everyone enjoyed each other’s company.  In such a fast paced world it’s nice to take a moment sometimes to stop and enjoy the moment.

So I was sitting at the sign in table with another lady and she was approached and asked if she would do the blessing.  She was not up to it.  She said she didn’t want to speak in front of all those people.  I quickly volunteered to say the blessing and thought all was well.  A few minutes later I was told that I would instead lead the Pledge of Allegiance.  I thought oh!  I didn’t want to mess it up so I sat at the table and practiced it a couple times.

It didn’t really hit me until I got up there to say it…I started off a bit different…”This is an honor for me as I am married to a Marine, I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America, and to the republic for which it stands, one nation under God indivisible with liberty and justice for all.

I didn’t realize how much it would mean to me to lead the pledge.  I was amoungst MANY local business people.  It was truly an honor to lead fellow business men & women in the pledge, something that is so near & dear to my heart.

I never truly knew what the true meaning of sacrifice was until I met the man I call husband.  He is a Marine Veteran who is very proud that he served our country.  He fought so that you & I could have the freedom to do so many things that we so often take for granted.  Take for instance all of the fighting going on over seas in other countries.  Our service men & women fight to keep the fighting from coming to American soil.

When I left the meeting I called my husband and told him that I did something in his honor.  He says, you did?  So I told him that I had lead the pledge and that I had mentioned that I am married to a Marine.  I think that made his day.  He thanked me and said he appreciated it.

I am one proud wife of a Marine Veteran.  All my love to my husband, thank you for your sacrifice in serving our country.

What do you do when life changes and you feel you can’t roll with the punches?

So you are going along loving life, happy go lucky and then all of a sudden life throws you some curve balls and you wonder how you are going to roll with the punches.  Yeah, I’ve been there a time or two.

My husband and I are from two totally different worlds, I have always been the positive go with the flow kinda person.  My husband on the other hand has been the one to find negative in a situation, I am not doing that kind of person.  We’ve learned to live with these differences as most of the time we compliment each other.  He says that he draws strength from my positive energy and he would be lost without me.

When we first started dating he worked offshore and he had time to rest when he came home from a hitch, then we would spend time together cooking extravagant meals.  He spoiled me by cooking dinner and telling me to go put my feet up, drink a glass of wine or he’d make me a cup of hot chocolate with lots of marshmallows.  I can’t even begin to tell you how much I miss those days.  I felt important, I felt loved and appreciated.  I felt intrigued because I never knew what we were going to cook or where the day was going to take us.  Sometimes it was a simple one dish meal but, the prep work that still went into it was very thoughtful.  I wonder how this is going to taste together or I bet this would be great.  Like making a marinade with teriyaki sauce with barbeque sauce or something sweet with something sour.

As time went on things slowly changed, we had actually went our separate ways for a couple of years.  We still went places together, I still went to see him at his house and such but, I made it clear that we were just friends.  That was VERY hard because I love this man dearly.  There were just some things that I could not accept in our relationship.  Several times I would leave his house crying and he was in the driveway crying, begging me to stay and I said No, I have to go home.  I don’t know how I had the strength to do it for so long.

My husband finally got into church and got saved and later baptized.  This changed his perspective on a lot of things in life.  He realized that he not only wanted me in his life permanently but, he needed me.  So he purposed and of course I said yes.  So here lies the start of a huge change in our lives and our relationship.  Once we got married he started picking on me that I had the responsibility of doing things because “I’m the woman” or “You ain’t nothing but a woman”  well I nipped that in the butt real quick I tell you.  But, there have been a few times where this attitude arose again on occasion.  I think for the most part he is joking but, when he starts with it, he harps on it.  I’m not trying to put him down, please don’t take it that way.  I know that I have my faults or quirks too.

Another major change that we’ve had to face is that he no longer works offshore, we don’t get that “break” from each other.  He doesn’t get that down time to rest & relax for a couple of days to regroup himself.  He is not making the money that he made offshore, which is not that big of a deal most of the time, unless of course he wants to spend money.  Poor thing is so tired all the time from working a daily job that he does not have the urge to cook like he did when he was offshore.  He has never been a big fast food person but, lately that’s pretty much a daily thing.

I went to the doctor because I was having some serious problems with anger and rage.  He could be sleeping when I come home and I would feel so irritated.  I’ve actually caught myself in the kitchen throwing dishes for no apparent reason…..This is soooo not in my character.   So off to the doctor I go and I found out that my thyroid level as just above the low mark but, my pituitary gland was in overdrive–it was telling my thyroid to work but, my thyroid was not responding so in a sense my body was attacking itself.  They put me on medicine and oh my God the difference has been great.  I almost feel normal again.

We’ve also recently moved into an older house that needs a lot of work.  The plan was to get a shed, pay off the shed and hopefully my car then we would get a trailer or modular home to put on the lot since it is in my name, we can use it for collateral.  Problem is it is CRAMPED to say the least, we don’t have much storage space or space period.  We don’t have a living room so we can’t escape each other’s company for any period of time.  We have a kitchen, bathroom and bedroom.  Ughh….we need space.  We need our own space, away from each other too.  This has really been putting a strain on our relationship, we are both edgy and irritated.  This has not been making for a pleasant situation at all.  So last night we had a discussion; half talking & half arguing.  We’ve decided that we have to upgrade our living quarters ASAP….It’s gonna be tough for a bit but, this is one of those punches that I don’t know how else we will roll with.  I feel this is our only option as I need to be close to my parents because my Dad is facing some health problems.

I’m just glad that we were finally able to sit down and talk things out.  We are not as edgy today.  Now we just have to figure out when and where we are going to get the funds to get a house or trailer.  I know we can get a loan, I just seriously don’t want to go into debt for it again.  So here we go rolling with the punches again……..