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The Messiah Baby; An inspiring true story of how God takes care of us

This little angel is my Godchild. I could not love him more. Tears….

To read the story that my sister wrote about when she went into labor for her son, my godchild, click the link above.  Get you some kleenex, you will need it before you are done reading…


The Life and Times of a Modern Day Belle

Twelve years ago, I went to a play called Messiah at a church in a central Louisiana city called Alexandria. I had heard wonderful things about the play. Even Bill Clinton had seen it. It was reputed to be spectacular. I was 8 months pregnant and had a very sore tooth but I had looked forward to this play for so long. This was the last year the play was going to be put on so it was now or never.
The first act of the play brought with it an annoying realization that I was in labor. Why me, I bemoaned silently while squeezing the bejesus out of my husband’s hand with every contraction. I did not want to go lay in a hospital bed all night when I could pass many hours of the early stages of my labor being entertained by what everyone had told me would…

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Have you ever faced “Tough times” with family members?

I love this poem and it gives you assurance that God never leaves us.  I don’t know about you but, I for sure have had my fair share of “Tough Times”.

I have struggled since I was a young child with health problems.  I developed asthma when I was but 2 years old.  When I was first diagnosed with asthma, my mom said the doctor told her that if they had waited a day or so longer to bring me in I probably would have died.  I was admitted to the hospital with asthma & pneumonia, immediately put into an oxygen tent, tubes running all over, shots on top of shots and so on.  I know my mom must have been facing a “Tough Time” watching me suffer and not being able to help me.

I remember them talking about how the insurance was running out and I needed a tank of oxygen.  My poor mom and dad didn’t know what they were going to do, without it I would die.  So my Uncle Joe had been secretly saving money in a sock that he had hidden behind my grandmother’s washer.  He was saving to get me braces when I got older because he did not want me to suffer getting teased due to having buck teeth.  He was so betwixed because he wanted so badly to help but, he knew the reason that he was saving this money was very important to him as well.  Well he and my grandmother sat down and counted the money and it was about $300.  He asked for my wise Grandmother’s advice. He pleaded with her to give him answers, because he was young and had none.  This was a “Tough Choice” for my Uncle Joe to make.  My Grandmother told him son, if they don’t have the money to get her oxygen now she will not live to wear braces, so my uncle did what he had to do.  Lo and behold the $300 was just enough to buy a tank of oxygen so he made the best choice in my book.  (tears are falling as I write this)

I lived in the hospital, under an oxygen tent for months at a time as a child.  My precious mother and grandmother tirelessly sat there with me never complaining that they wanted to go home, nor fussing at me because I was sick.  They just cared for me with genuine love and kindness.  I can remember my grandmother rocking me when I was well enough and able to get out of the oxygen tent.  There was a small wooden rocker in the room with us and boy let me tell you it saw lots of long days and late nights.

This blog is dedicated to the most amazing, God fearing, dedicated & loving woman I know…My Grandmother, Ida.  I love and miss her so. I know that she is watching down on us and waiting patiently for each of us to cross over to the other side and meet her.  When my time comes I know she will meet me with arms wide open and the angels will be rejoicing.  Till we meet again, love you Maw!