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Christmas Season begins with bloodshed

I’ve never been a big fan of “Black Friday” myself, I’ve always thought it to be senseless to go out and spend thousands of dollars on toys, clothes, watches and such putting myself in debt so deep I’m stressing over the payments for the next year.

I have no problem going to work and avoiding the crowds, the fights and the hustle and bustle of the peak of holiday shopping.

So tonight I’m on facebook, of course, and I see a story about the carnage from “Black Friday” 2015.  Don’t get me wrong I think that one site kinda went overboard with their numbers but, there was definitely carnage.  I don’t understand how it is justified to fight over something just because you want to buy it as a gift for someone.  Do you think that the recipient of this gift would appreciate it more because you fought for it?  Probably NOT!  If they do then they have a problem too!

I’ve worked in retail for many years and I don’t miss it!  And it was not quite as bad when I did as it is now.  I’m so glad I’m not in retail.  You need to stop and think about the cashiers, the stockers, the managers who are there missing out on family time to be there serving you. They are  VERY MUCH OVERWORKED during the holidays.  They are tired, hungry, have to go to the bathroom so bad sometimes, they think they are going to bust but, they are there waiting on you, most of the time with a smile.

Now the bloodshed, this has gotten ridiculous!  I mean fighting over the items is one thing but, killing–that’s gone too far.  I feel for the families of the victims that now have to celebrate the holidays without their loved ones.  Such senseless tradgedy!  What’s happening to this world?  People have gone MAD, absolutely MAD!  We are supposed to pray for one another, love one another, be kind to one another, do good deeds for one another and what happened?  In the midst of what is supposed to be the best times of the year, family gatherings, spreading of love and cheer?  Murder, mayhem, stealing—  Is it worth it?  No, I have never been a fan of the “Black Friday” thing and after seeing the news of the carnage of today I guess I never will be.

My point would be this-

Stop, think about your actions, think about your words, think is it worth it?  Think what would Jesus do?  Yes, what would Jesus do?  We need to think more like Jesus, more like Christians and bring a little peace & love to this sad world.  Maybe you could make a difference in someone’s life this holiday season.

Thanks for reading, hope you and your family have a very blessed and safe holiday season.




Such senseless tradgedy…#prayforparis

At work today I passed the customer waiting area and saw the news flash about the attacks in Paris, it didn’t really sink in until later in the evening at the end of the day that I realized the peril involved.  I stood watching the news as they were going over the accounts of the attacks in a state of disbelief.  I saw the soldiers standing there directing traffic, the whole country is in a state of emergency, they have a curfew, something they have not had to have since sometime in the 1940’s during World War I.  The borders are closed and the military are on patrol to try to keep order.  The newscast was recounting some of the events and the horror that took place in the concert mall.  One woman that escaped spoke of how everyone was covered in blood, trying to escape and how so many more did not make it.  She said there was bodies everywhere, it was horrifying.  They said that the shooters were up in the balcony and they killed innocent people one by one, shooting them, taking their lives for no apparent reason, shattering lives of family and loved ones. Such senseless tradgedy!!!

If our government does not wake up we are going to be in serious trouble here and have attacks just like Paris did tonight.  Really I think we are having more terrorist attacks than they are letting on or than they even realize.

I think back to just a little while ago we had the incident in Lafayette, La in the local movie theatre and how it horrified our state.  We have family that lives in Lafayette so it really hit home for me for sure.  I don’t understand what this world is coming to, we are supposed to love one another, cherish one another but, instead it’s senseless murder, shattering lives!

I pray for Paris, I pray for our America and the entire world tonight as I watch this senseless killing my heart aches for the families of the victims involved tonight.  I pray for the police, the news crews, the first responders that have to go in and clean up this massacre for they will be forever changed.  I ask for God to put a legion of Angels to surround Paris tonight and always, offering protection and solace.  I also ask God to put a legion of Angels around my family, to protect them from any harm that my come their way.  Hold your family close tonight, say you love one another and let go of the anger and resentment for you never know when someone you love dearly will be stripped away from you with a quickness and you’ll never have that opportunity to say “I love you” that one last time.

All my love & God Bless

How a Local Police Chief Took on the Drug War

Source: How a Local Police Chief Took on the Drug War

This is a reblog from a fellow blogger.  It just hit me to the heart with so many lives being lost to the war on drugs.  This is in a northern state, close to several of my relatives but, this is fastly becoming a world wide epidemic.

It is a bit of a long read but, trust me you won’t be disappointed.

Are you ready to stand and fight for what is right?

You know I always heard my grandmother talking about standing up for what is right.  She always had a sense of pride about her, we respected her and looked up to her.  It makes me think of that song–You have to stand for something or you’ll fall for anything.  Grandma always tok us to church, taught us to read our Bible, taught us to love each other.
My Grandmother did not have much of an education, she only went to the first grade in school.  But, what she had you cannot learn from a book.  She had good morals, she had pride, she had such a genuine loving heart.  When we were kids the church would be packed for VBS. I remember going and helping my grandma teach.  How she handled us all I’ll never know.  🙂  God’s grace was upon her & the other teachers that’s for sure.
So the title of this post is “Are you ready to fight?” I bet you are wondering what my grandma has to do with this?  Well let me tell you… see we need to stand & fight for what is right, for Christianity.  God said that one day we’d have to stand & fight.  We struggle daily with certain things but, we have gotten LAZY! We are supposed to spread the word of God, proclaim the Good news!  What we do instead is sit on our butts & let the liberals have their way.  We are scared to offend someone, meanwhile God is shaking his head in disbelief at what is going on in this world.  You have such immortalitity, hatred, murder, brothers hating brothers & so on.  You have children growing up in a world with no hope. They are being raised in single parent homes and that parent has to work so hard to make ends meet, they are barely there to “raise” the children.  The children end up getting involved with the wrong crowd long before the parent realizes there is a problem.    This is not God’s way.  God’s way is love, peace & harmony.  God’s way is loving one another, helping one another.
So many changes in our society have been “accepted” by the people but, do they please God? Well, do they?  NO!!! These changes are far from pleasing to God.  Do you think God likes seeing such suffering, such malcontent, such loss?  NO!! Do you think God is happy with “the people”saying it’s ok to abort an unborn child, a gift that he so chose to bless the mother with & she feels that it is her right to decide his/her fate?   ABSOLUTELY NOT!!  Do you think God is ok with “the people” legalizing gay marriage.  God created a man & woman to be wed & to be fruitful & multipy.  Now, don’t get me wrong, I have several gay friends  & I love them, besides I have my own sins to answer for.
Now I ask, are you ready to fight?  We are getting closer & closer to the end times.  We need to stand & fight for what is right, for what is moral, for what is in the best interest of Christianity.  God is going to get fed up with the actions of his people & he will come back for us.But, he will not come back peaceably like he came 2000 years ago.  He will come back as a Lion, with a vengeance seeking to destroy any & all evil.  Look at what happened when God had enough in Egypt…he took everything away from them.  He stripped them of their livelyhood, their resources, he sent plagues on the people.  What happened with Sodom & Gomorrah…he sent the angels to destroy the city.  He would have saved it if the angels found 10 good men.. They did not, the only ones saved were Lott & his family but, his wife looked back and she was turned into a pillar of salt.  Do you think God is going to stand for much more?  I don’t….I am ready to stand & fight.  I am ready, I know God will be standing right beside me, fighting along with me.  I know that God will have a band of angels surrounding me, protecting me.  My question is are you ready to fight for what is right, to make God proud.  Are you proud to be a CHRISTIAN?  I know I am…..

In Defense of Barbie

Great job Jo! So true, we were never allowed to dress all skanky and I tell you what I am glad that our parents took the time to raise us.

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The Life and Times of a Modern Day Belle

Leave Barbie alone. Seriously. It is not her fault your kids are growing up thinking they are ugly or fat or stupid.
Barbie is an inanimate object. A doll. She is a toy and is no more to blame for your child’s issues than your son’s Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle action figure is.
Barbie does not sit around your daughter’s bedroom at night whispering into her ear all the things your daughter should not like about herself. She is not responsible for the things you blame on her. She does not prance about on television or in movies in scanty, skanky outfits. She does not tell your precious princesses they cannot be anything they want to be. No, the media icons your children adore do that.
Barbie is a doctor, a secretary, a lawyer, a teacher and a chef. She has several town houses, many cars and multiple closets worth…

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