Should the elderly on a fixed income be forced to tithe?

Most of the elderly in our country are FAR below the poverty level.  These are our grandparents and some are even great grandparents.  They have paid their debt to society, they have paid their tithes, they have put in their time at the church.  Heck, they have even had a hand in raising us.  And we are far better for it too. They have stepped up to take on the responsibility even when it was not theirs.  They are a generation that carried pride & respect.  A generation that held firm to “I give you my word” & you could take it to the bank, so to speak.
To hear that an elderly woman received a letter that she was no longer welcome because she was not giving a monetary donation disgusts me.  Yes, I understand the tithing aspect but, if she has been there for 50 years, I’ m sure she has given her fair share of tithes.  She has assets, YES ASSETS, far greater than tithing, she has wisdom. Wisdom of a God fearing elderly woman is PRICELESS.  I know because my grandmother instilled some of that very wisdom on me.
A friend of mine & I were talking today about that very thing today.  I always share how my grandmother taught me to do unto others as I’d have them do unto me.  I never knew how much that one principle would affect me in my everyday life.  So my friend says I thought I was the only one who thought about that these days.  It is all about how you treat people that you are around.  She also brought up another principle-It’s about how you make someone feel.  I can’t remember exactly how it went.
So how do you think this elderly woman felt, being told that she was no longer welcome at a church that she had invested years of her life into for not tithing.   I’m sure she felt pained and neglected.  You know one of her family members said it right-I know it takes money to run a church but, church is about more than money, it’s about God.  Now what would God want us to do for this Treasure of a woman?  He would want us to take care of her, he would want us to meet her needs and he would want us to pay very close attention to the lessons that she is teaching in her everyday life.
You know we cared for my grandmother during the last couple of years of her life.  As we would help her with everyday tasks that she could no longer perform she would tell us or ask us rather-“How am I ever going to repay you for taking care of me?”  Really?? We told her no Maw we are trying to repay you for what you have done for us & we will never completely repay you.
Can you sense the pride, the compassion for others, the sense of humility?  I’m so sorry to say that those traits are disappearing and our world is suffering for it.  We have turned our backs on precious treasures like our elderly, like the fear of God and newborn babies that are being aborted up until the time they are full term.  Yes these are treasures, gifts that God has given us and we have washed our hands of them.  As a result our society has paid thd price, children are coming up with no respect or morals.  God’s laws are being changed and rewritten to be more socially acceptable.
I pray for this Treasure of a woman, I pray for her church & I pray that this pastor would change his ways & be more understanding of the elderly in tithing.
God bless & have a great night.

92 Year Old Woman asked to leave church for not tithing


3 thoughts on “Should the elderly on a fixed income be forced to tithe?”

  1. This was disguisting. I told someone today that when Granny was sick they didn’t kick her out of church. They brought the church to her. The kids know Jonah because of all the time he spent at her house with her. SMH. This poor woman. And since this had happened before, shame on that congregation for allowing it to occur.

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  2. The letter the elderly lady received proves where the heart of that church lays. Christ put the boundaries of the Mosaic Law at the stake and liberated us from the many chains. He does not need to be paid for the offer he brought, neither does God has to be paid, for everything already belongs to God.

    Holding church or keeping meetings may cost money, but it is not to those organising these meetings to request money for it. Those coming to the gathering should be free to contribute or not. Nowhere is there any rule given for the goyim or for the followers of Christ to give any tithing.

    To exclude certain persons because they contribute not or do not give enough to the church is totally out of order and proves of not having the love of Christ, which every bearer of the name “Christian” should have.

    Also this lady being sick and not able to come regularly to the church should have had the church coming to her home as well and helping her out.

    The necessary help not being provided and daring to demand financial support for the congregation or to be excluded is a blame to the cornerstone of what should be a loving Body of Christ.

    For the lady and others this could be a good sign that this church is not the right church.


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